Hourly MBA Admissions Consulting

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You can receive MBA admissions assistance on any part of your applications: brainstorm and plan your application strategy, create an impactful MBA resume, receive detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement on any number of essays, conduct mock interviews, or all of the above. You can choose to work with a Head Consultant with admissions experience from a top 10 MBA program or a School Specialist from any of the top business schools. Meet our team »

Directions: Our typical hourly client spends 12 hours working with their consultant. The chart on the right illustrates the average time allotment for different consulting activities, which includes the consultant’s prep work, reviews, written feedback, and conversations. Not a minute is wasted and all work is accounted for, whether it is spent on written feedback or discussions over the phone. We offer total transparency, and you will know exactly what work has been done.


  • School Selection 1-2 hours
  • Brainstorm Strategy 1-2 hours
  • Essay Review ~30 min/draft
  • Resume Review 1-2 hours
  • Recommender Prep 1 hour
  • Mock Interview 2 hours
  • Waitlist Assistance 2 hours
  • Re-applicant Analysis 2 hours

Choose a package to get started:


3 hours

Ask experts your most
pertinent questions.




7 hours

Feedback on a handful
of application items.




20 hours

Guidance across
multiple applications.



Essay Excellence Service

The Essay Excellence Service is ideal for MBA candidates who want to gain that “extra edge” in their business school applications, but don’t seek comprehensive admissions coaching. Essay Excellence isn’t merely about cleaning up your essays – our Admissions Consultants bring an expertise that can only come with insider MBA admissions experience. They will answer questions that go much deeper than surface-level content and grammar, including:

“How can I stand out from all the other applicants with similar backgrounds?”
“What are MBA admissions officers looking for in this essay question?”
“Which example from my background is stronger for this essay?”
“I feel like what I’ve written is good, but given the short word limit, where should I cut?”

Essay Excellence Service includes:

  • Personalized MBA Game Plan™ powered by the Myers-Briggs Assessment®
  • 2 hours of one-on-one consultation time with your hand-picked Admissions Consultant
  • Reviews of your 1st draft of 2 essays, any length (including written feedback and specific suggestions from your consultant)
  • 2nd reviews of the same 2 essays to ensure that you’re on the right track and that your essays are perfectly polished.

If you have additional essays, a resume, or other areas with which you would like assistance, you may add additional consulting hours at any time. Plus, if you decide you would like more comprehensive assistance, you may upgrade to our Comprehensive School Package at any time and we will apply 100% of your Essay Excellence payment toward the new package.

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If you’re looking for comprehensive MBA admissions consulting, check out our Comprehensive School Packages, starting at $4,300.


John’s Wharton MBA Essay: First Submission Second Submission

Manish’s Chicago MBA Essay: First Submission Second Submission

Jennifer’s Columbia MBA Essay: First Submission Second Submission

Mock Interview

A School Specialist will conduct two interview sessions with you, each followed up with detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement. First, they will review your profile strengths and weaknesses, walk you through what you can expect in the interview process and provide sample interview questions for you to prepare. Second, they will conduct a mock interview—often with the exact questions used by admissions officers—and provide feedback on areas to improve. Your School Specialist will not only have attended the school with which you are interviewing, she will also have successfully passed the very interview that you are about to face. We customize the interview process for non-traditional interviews like Wharton’s group discussion, and Harvard’s post-interview reflection essay.

Directions: Select “Add to cart”. Once you have checked out, we will pair you with a School Specialist from your target MBA program. The Specialist will contact you within three business days to schedule your first session. Rush interviews may be scheduled for an additional charge.

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