Hourly MBA Admissions Consulting

Work 1-on-1 with a Head Consultant. Ultimate flexibility.

You can receive MBA admissions assistance on any part of your applications: brainstorm and plan your application strategy, create an impactful MBA resume, receive detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement on any number of essays, conduct mock interviews, or all of the above. You can choose to work with a Head Consultant with admissions experience from a top 10 MBA program or a School Specialist from any of the top business schools. Meet our team »

Directions: Our typical hourly client spends 12 hours working with their consultant. The chart on the right illustrates the average time allotment for different consulting activities, which includes the consultant’s prep work, reviews, written feedback, and conversations. Not a minute is wasted and all work is accounted for, whether it is spent on written feedback or discussions over the phone. We offer total transparency, and you will know exactly what work has been done.

Choose a package to get started:


3 hours

Ask experts your most
pertinent questions.




7 hours

Feedback on a handful
of application items.




20 hours

Guidance across
multiple applications.



Every minute matters

when it comes to crafting the perfect application.

With an hourly package, you have complete flexibility with how you choose to spend your time. Below we have outlined the most popular application elements that our clients choose to work on with our team of Admissions Consultants.


If you aren’t applying to the right schools, then little else will matter.
Use your consultant to:

  • Understand differences among programs
  • Target which schools will best enable you to achieve your goals and interests
  • Identify profile strengths and weaknesses and develop your application strategy
  • Tailor your applications accordingly

Estimate: 1-2 hours


Essay editing is much more than just grammar and spelling!
Your consultant will:

  • Help you brainstorm essay topic ideas to make the greatest impact
  • Suggest structure for powerful storytelling
  • Provide feedback on multiple drafts
  • Leverage admissions experience so you stand out to the admissions committee

Brainstorming Estimate: 1-2 hours
Review Estimate: 0.5-1 hour/draft


Recommendations must show “pound the table” enthusiasm.
We’ll help by:

  • Helping you avoid milquetoast recommenders and select strong advocates
  • Outlining how to prepare them to write the most powerful recommendations
  • Providing insider insight regarding current supervisors, entrepreneurs, and so forth.

Estimate: 1 hour


Improve your interviewing skills with a School Specialist who has firsthand experience with your target school.
They will:

  • Conduct a realistic mock interview
  • Ask the exact questions you’ll likely hear from the admissions officers
  • Provide you detailed feedback and specific suggestions for improvement

Estimate: 2 hours


Don’t lose hope if you’ve been waitlisted!
We’ve worked with hundreds of waitlisted candidates to help them:

  • Overcome potential concerns in their submitted applications
  • Communicate effectively with admissions committees without overbearance
  • Improve weaknesses to gain admission

Estimate: 2 hours

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