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The world’s most accomplished MBA admissions team.

The Veritas Prep team includes more former MBA admissions directors and associate directors from top programs than any other admissions consulting firm. In fact, every Head Consultant™ has insider experience in MBA admissions at a top-tier business school. Given their experience, they can tell you with authority what even the most discerning admissions officer seeks in a candidate. With Comprehensive School Packages you will also work with School Specialists™ who have attended each program to which you are applying and who will ensure your MBA admissions essays are perfectly tailored to each school.
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Personal attention every day, until your applications are perfect.

Veritas Prep offers the best Client-to-Consultant ratio (4:1) in the industry, so you know your MBA admissions consultant will be focused on you. We guarantee that you will get the attention you deserve, working one-on-one with consultants who are fully dedicated to your success.

With Comprehensive School Packages, our only goal is to get you into your target business schools, and we will work with you until every facet of your application is perfect. As you build your application, you will receive a constant stream of unbiased and constructively honest feedback on every element of your MBA applications.

Remove the guesswork. We guide you step by step.

It would be great if business schools accepted a common application – but they don’t. Instead, you must keep track of multiple sets of essay questions, data sheets, letters of recommendation, admissions events, and deadlines. It’s a daunting process! Only Veritas Prep gives you a personalized Application Manager™ that provides a detailed checklist for each application. You’ll have a transparent view into your consultant’s work, as well as a record of your essay drafts to ensure that you tell a consistent and persuasive story across every element of your application.

Client Satisfaction: 4.76 (out of 5)
Overall average for last 100 Comprehensive Package reviews. Last updated November 25, 2015.

We guarantee your happiness
(and your investment).

From our 2002 launch on the campus of Yale University to serving more than 50,000 MBA applicants over the past decade, our growth has been fueled by word of mouth. We ask every client to complete a detailed evaluation of our service. The overwhelming majority of our MBA admissions consulting clients give us perfect 5-star scores. If you are not completely satisfied with your Head Consultant when you start working with us, we will give you your money back. No hassle. No risk. No questions asked.

The only service with an insider view of every top school.

Every top-tier business school has a unique culture. However, applicants cannot fully appreciate that culture by simply exploring the school’s website or perusing a handful of blogs. You need to prove to the MBA admissions committee that you understand their school’s culture and explain why you’ll be a good fit.

You can learn a lot from publicly available information, but to gain an advantage over other applicants, you should work with someone who has been immersed in a business school’s culture and understands it as well as the MBA admissions office. That’s why, with every Comprehensive School Package, you will work with a Veritas Prep Head Consultant™ and a team of School Specialists who have earned their MBAs from each of your target schools, to ensure that your essays are perfectly tailored to each program.
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Veritas Prep was founded on Yale’s campus in 2002.

The only scientifically proven pairing process.

In an exclusive collaboration with the publisher of the Myers-Briggs® personality tests, Veritas Prep has developed the only assessment designed specifically to help you showcase the traits that top MBA programs are looking for. It’s called the Personalized MBA Game Plan™ and is based on the theory of psychological type introduced by Carl G. Jung and 50 years of Myers-Briggs® research. Our scientifically proven process of self-reflection and structured brainstorming ensures that you avoid “cookie cutter” applications that look exactly the same as those from applicants with backgrounds similar to yours.

The art of selling yourself and the research behind why it works.

The average MBA admissions essay today is no more than 500 words, or about one single-spaced page. The most common mistake business school applicants make is either providing a too narrow description of themselves or attempting to cover too much. We have spent more than a decade researching what works and why. Based on the book Your MBA Game Plan by our very own Director of MBA Admissions Research, Scott Shrum, our proven MBA admissions consulting process ensures that every client submits a flawless business school application with balance across the Four Dimensions of a Perfect Applicant™.

Admissions Consulting + GMAT Prep Bundles

Only Veritas Prep can guide you from GMAT excellence into your dream school, all while saving you money.

Bundling GMAT prep with MBA admissions consulting not only gives you the best shot at gaining entry into the most competitive business schools, but it also saves you a significant amount of money. Choose from one of our most popular packages or build your own customized bundle on our GMAT Prep + Admissions Consulting page, or call us at 1-800-925-7737 with any questions.

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