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You could argue that Boston is the pinnacle of America. So when we first started offering GMAT prep in Boston back in 2002, we knew we had a lot to live up to. Which is why we offer 36 hours of in-class instruction, 12-full length practice tests, unlimited homework support outside of class and a free retake of the entire course. You can see that Veritas Prep offers the best GMAT class in Boston. Scroll down to find the best GMAT course for you.

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If I could go back and have all of my teachers and coaches since I was old enough to start kindergarten modeled after one particular person, it would be my Veritas Prep instructor.
-Ryan W.


The Veritas GMAT Prep course is exceptionally thorough and if completed as prescribed, almost an absolute guarantee to high-performance scores.
-Kevin L.


Veritas has a plethora of great resources to help you outside the classroom. I really appreciate the timed homework problems that not only cover the material you just learned, but also help you look at pacing as well.
-Kelsey D.


Veritas has pleasantly surpassed my high expectations. Retaining a full year of online resources and the privilege to retake the course at a later time has proven immeasurably valuable to my journey.
-Jim S.

Boston GMAT
Course Schedule

March 6 - April 12

Mondays, Wednesdays
7pm - 10pm
821 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111
In person: Full Course | $1,650 or 3 payments of $567

May 9 - June 15

Tuesdays, Thursdays
7pm - 10pm
821 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111
In person: Full Course | $1,650 or 3 payments of $567

June 17 - July 22

10am - 5pm
821 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111
In person: Full Course | $1,650 or 3 payments of $567

Mar 6 - Apr 12 M/W 7-10pm

Ozair Ali

May 9 - Jun 15 T/Th 7-10pm

David Li

Jun 17 - Jul 22 S 10am - 5pm

David Goldstein


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M.B.A., Stanford University
M.A., Harvard University
B.A., University of Pennsylvania
What do you love about teaching? 
I believe all knowledge should be available to everyone in an easily understood manner. I love being able to contribute to that. Teaching is also one of the toughest challenges there can be. I don't think I truly understand a concept unless I can explain in at least ten different ways to different people. It's thrilling and exciting when that finally happens!  
What is your favorite quote? 
I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go - Abraham Lincoln. In some accounts, Lincoln is supposed to have uttered this at the gravestone of Ann Rutledge, his first love. His mother and sister had passed away earlier too. In other accounts, it's attributed to a moment during the Civil War. Sometimes I've wondered if, during that time of such loss, he knew the greatness that lay ahead in his life. It's also an incredibly humbling moment of vulnerability.  

MD/MBA, Tufts University
What do you love about teaching? 
I have always loved teaching, and I am lucky that it just happened to be one of my fortes. Not to be overly philosophical, but teaching is just as much a learning process for the student as it is for the instructor. I have had such a great time teaching my students because I am constantly learning to see things from their perspective. For instance, students would sometimes baffle me when they see an alternative solution to a problem that I thought could be solved only in one way. Teaching allows me to stay humble, and to continue learning.

If you weren't teaching the GMAT, what would you be teaching instead? 
If I were not teaching the GMAT, I would be teaching the MCAT. As a current medical school student (MD/MBA), it would make more sense for me to teach the MCAT, but for some reason, I find the GMAT to be a more intuitive test, and certainly a more entertaining one. 

BS, Penn
MFA, Emerson
What is your favorite lesson to teach?
My favorite lesson to each is the topic I found most bewildering when I was a college a student – Statistics, Combinations, and Probability. Typically, I’ll start the lesson by mentioning a study in which a group of physicians, given a set of statistics about a hypothetical patient, estimate that the patient has a 75% probability of having a certain disease; the correct probability in this case turns out to be more like 9%.  In addition to being deeply disturbing, the study is a great reminder that even highly educated people make horrendous mistakes when it comes to these types of problems – the human brain simply isn’t hardwired to be good at probability.  However, students quickly see that with a couple of equations and a few helpful timesaving tricks, these once madding, complex questions become not just manageable, but easy. I’ve lost count of the number of times a student has said something like “I thought I was really bad at probability.  I just never learned how to do these questions!”  That’s true for everyone, not just doctors who terrify their patients with inaccurate prognoses of gloom.

What is your favorite Veritas Prep success story?
Several months ago, I had a student named Christie.  In addition to being a delight to teach – always sitting at the front of class, always smiling, always participating in discussions – she was an energetic and inspiring person.  Her passion was green energy, and she wanted to get into a top MBA program to broaden her opportunities to make the world a cleaner, healthier place.  But in order to get into an elite program, you need to ace the GMAT.  These were high stakes.

Fortunately, Christie was as hard a worker as I’ve ever had in my classes, often staying late to ask questions, and even indulging me when I offered to show how a GMAT question was connected to Euclid’s proof for why there’s no largest prime number.  (It’s a simple and elegant proof, but after a three-hour class, enthusiasm for non-GMAT math generally tends to wane.)  Happily, Christie scored a 740 on the official test, exceeding her initial goal.  She will go on to do great things, and I get to feel like I played a small role in helping her clear that first hurdle on her way to saving the planet.  For a teacher, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Real reviews

Phenomenal instructor who is truly passionate about teaching.
Dave Goldstein is a phenomenal instructor who is truly passionate about teaching. He went out of his way to ensure that each student walked away from every class with as much knowledge as we could possibly retain. I have taken a prep course with Kaplan before, and the standard at Veritas is just way above the competition.

He is one of the best teachers anyone can have.
David is a true teacher he is a great person and a great professional. I think I speak for all of the others students when I say that he is one of the best teachers anyone can have.

DAVE was amazing.
The class was a small, intimate class, and DAVE was amazing.  He always made sure everyone was along for the ride- but kept the pace up. The study materials that Veritas Prep gave were great because each subject has a book. Instead of one huge study book- the material is broken out. All around I would recommend this class to anyone.