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GMAT Tip of the Week

GMAT Tip of the Week

Data Sufficiency: How do you Beat It? Be Bad. (It’s easier than ABC)

(This is one of a series of GMAT tips that we offer on our blog.)

As the world reacts to the passing of the King of Pop, it’s only Human Nature for you to take some time this weekend to reflect on some of your favorite Michael Jackson lyrics (and even to sadly exclaim, “I Want You Back“). But, naturally, after a few songs, you’ll likely look at the Man in the Mirror and Wanna Be Starting Something — namely, your GMAT homework. Here is how you can blend the two to give yourself an edge on the exam (much like a Smooth Criminal would):

Unlike other questions on the GMAT, for which the answer choices A-through-E should each have a 20% chance of being correct (in a blind guess), Data Sufficiency questions are asked in a way that should reward test-takers for being able to accomplish more with less information. In other words, if you can use statement 1 alone to solve the problem without the help of statement 2, that should indicate to the exam (and to business schools) that you are a more efficient problem solver, and therefore more likely to succeed in business school. Inherently, A in this case would be a “better” answer than would C. Judging the answer choices by this standard, they fall in to tiers: