What Happens In Vegas… Gets You Into Business School?

Accelerated GMAT Course
For years, the Veritas Prep Intensive Course – 42 hours over 7 days covering our entire GMAT syllabus – has been a popular option for busy professionals who want to block out time to study for the exam. A contributing factor may well be that these courses take place in destination locales: New York City, Miami, London, Honolulu, and Dubai. It is only fitting, then, that we add one of the world’s favorite destinations to this list – that’s right, Veritas Prep is bringing its Intensive Course to Las Vegas!

The course format – classes meet from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., then 2 to 5 p.m. after a lunch break – allows energetic students to enjoy some of the famous Las Vegas nightlife, or spend some quality time in the evenings completing homework to discuss the next day.

By popular demand, the first installment of this course will take place from December 13 – 20, enabling anyone looking to “roll the dice” on a quick application for the second round to complete the course and schedule a test date for late December or early January.

GMAT Prep Courses Start This Week

Normally we don’t use this space to blatantly flog our GMAT prep courses, but this week we have dozens of courses starting around the world!

If you want the most complete GMAT preparation available from any company, anywhere, then we recommend our Full Course. This is our most popular format, which gives you six hours of in-class preparation per week, over seven weeks. (In some of our bigger cities, such as New York, we also offer a Saturday-only GMAT class.) These courses start tonight and tomorrow night in most cities, and this coming Saturday in those bigger cities.

If you prefer to attend class on weekends and also want to finish in fewer than seven weeks, our Weekend Course gives you 36 hours in class over two straight weekends. The difference vs. our Full Course is that less time is spent on class reviewing homework lessons, so rest assured that you’ll learn everything in this course as in the Full Course. The Weekend Course also gives you the chance to focus just on verbal or quant lessons, if one of those areas is your predominate weakness.

In select cities Veritas Prep also provides an Intensive Course over seven straight days, if you are on a tight schedule or prefer to move through the material very

Finally, don’t forget that we offer our live online class, Virtual Veritas Prep, which gives you a chance to learn the exact same 42 hours’ worth of material as our classroom courses, taught live by one of our best instructors via an online interface. The next Virtual Veritas Prep class starts March 16. If you prefer to go at your own pace, you can also enroll in Veritas Prep on Demand, which you can access anywhere, at any time.

Good luck in your GMAT studies!

Congratulations, Code Name Rain Man!

In a closely contested game aired on television last night, Veritas Prep GMAT Instructor George Yates won his initial contest on the popular game show Jeopardy!. Blending his knack for quick, accurate answers under pressure – the very same skills the propelled him to a 99th percentile GMAT score – with an impressive array of knowledge ranging from hard rock melody recognition to prominent literary heroes, George took the lead heading in to Final Jeopardy! and wagered (and answered) correctly to narrowly edge the returning champion.

A former fighter pilot and current flight simulator instructor, George earned the code name “Rain Man” while in the military with his broad knowledge base (and noted affection for Jeopardy!). He currently teaches Veritas Prep GMAT courses in Woodland Hills, California, and can be seen defending his Jeopardy! championship tonight (at 7pm on channel 7 in Southern California; check your local listings for the air time in your market).

Congratulations, George!

The Best GMAT Prep and Admissions Consulting Around – For Free

Veritas Prep is proud to present, along with Beat the GMAT, the MBA Fast Track Scholarship. We’re giving away nearly $20,000 in free GMAT Preparation and Admissions Consulting services to the lucky winners of this scholarship. Five winners will be selected by representatives from Veritas Prep and Beat the GMAT.

Check out the MBA Fast Track Scholarship web site here.