Success Story Part 4: "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the essays of our lives…"

(This is the fourth in a series of blog posts in which Julie DeLoyd, a Veritas Prep GMAT alumna-turned-instructor, will tell the story of her experience through the MBA admissions process. Julie will begin her MBA program at Chicago Booth this fall. You can also read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 to learn Julie’s whole story.)

Since the time this business school idea first occurred to me on that Texas highway, the GMAT had been my main concern and the only real hurdle I had anticipated. Now with that hurdle behind me, I realized there was a whole new challenge ahead. Choosing schools, and writing essays upon essays upon essays

Countdown To Application Day – GMAT Tip of the Week

Throughout the United States this fall, all eyes are on January: the news networks are abuzz over the question of which candidate will become President on January 20; football teams are in the midst of their quests for spots in the NFL playoffs or the NCAA bowl games; Wall Street executives are hoping to simply turn the page and forget all about 2008; and MBA applicants are readying for the second-round deadlines that conveniently take place during the first week of the year, all in hopes of becoming members of the prestigious Class of 2011.

During the fourth quarter of 2008, more people will take the GMAT than during any other quarter in history, and most of those examinees will be targeting the first- and second-round deadlines of this current admissions cycle. As we count down the weeks to the second-round deadlines, Veritas Prep will offer a GMAT Tip of the Week to aid in that preparation.

This week’s submission:

Scientifically Speaking – The Cause of Effective Reading Comprehension

When a Reading Comprehension passage deals with a Natural Sciences topic, the specific-detail questions are likely to deal with a cause-and-effect relationship. When approaching these questions, be sure to note whether you are responsible for supplying the cause or the effect, and then skim the passage for the situation to understand both components. Often times, the passage is structured so that the most popular incorrect answer is the phrase that immediately follows the key words from the question, while the correct answer is buried in another part of that sentence. By noting immediately which portion of the cause-and-effect relationship you need to find, you

What Counts as Significant International Work Experience?

For international experience to be significant it has to be something that you can write about at length and appropriately in a b-school essay.

  1. Can you articulate how you lead a team in a multi-national or cross border environment? This is what the adcom would want to see if you were writing an essay. A lot of applicants have worked occasionally overseas. More important is what you learned, how it changed your perspective, how you overcame an obstacle and how you produced a positive team outcome.
  2. That is, what you got out of it and what you can put down on paper is what will set your experience apart from other applicants. That is where I consider the line drawn with respect to whether or not an experience is significant.
  3. With respect to any extracurricular international experience (start-up, professional volunteerism, etc.), if you can write about it effectively as part of your positioning then it