Now You Can Connect with Veritas Prep GMAT & Admissions Experts on Evisors!

At Veritas Prep, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to connect with applicants and help them succeed. Evisors can connect you with savvy former employees and interviewers at top firms who will help you land your dream job. If you are still planning on applying to graduate school, you can also find Veritas Prep admissions consultants on Evisors who will help you gain acceptance to the world’s top graduate programs.

Evisors was created to provide a menu of the best career and admissions consultants out there (they’re called “evisors”) and let the customer pick and choose who they want to talk to. Veritas Prep and Evisors have teamed up to make some of our best GMAT and MBA admissions experts available through the Evisors website. These experts can easily be identified by the “Veritas Prep Certified” seal next to their profiles.
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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About the New GMAT

U.S. NewsIn the new U.S. News graduate school rankings issue, which hits newsstands this coming week, we’re quoted on the upcoming changes to the GMAT, coming in June, 2012. (You can read the online version here.) The article outlines the big change coming to the GMAT — replacing one of the AWA questions with a new section called Integrated Reasoning — and the Graduate Management Admission Council’s reasons for the change.

The new Integrated Reasoning section will go beyond the traditional “pick one of these five answer choices” format. It will ask test takers to assess information in a variety of formats, synthesize the information given, and draw conclusions from the information given. (We wrote about the new format a great deal last year.) Sounds scary, right?
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GMAT Prep Classes Start Around the World Next Week!

GMAT PrepLooking to get ahead of the game and pocket a great GMAT score before the summer? Good news… We have GMAT prep classes starting around the world next week!

If you’re applying to business school this coming year, now is the perfect time to start preparing for the GMAT. Doing so puts you on track to take the exam in early summer. You should always plan for success, but you should also be smart and build in enough time just in case you don’ get the GMAT score you want. Missed 700? No problem… You’ll still have a couple of months to take the GMAT again before you start working on your Round 1 business school applications in earnest.
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Sentence Correction in Real Life: Death By Pronoun?

GMAT prepIt may well be fair to say that GMAT students, on average, dislike studying for Sentence Correction questions than for any other question type. Grammar in itself is less than enjoyable, and to many the correct answers seem awkward and the incorrect answers seem to fit the “yeah, but I still understood what they were saying” protest.

Where Sentence Correction can become a bit more relevant and enjoyable is in the fact that, more than any other area of grammatical relevance, the GMAT tests logic. When it comes to Modifiers, Pronouns, Subject-Verb Agreement, Verb Tense, etc., the correct answer is just as likely to be found by asking “does this even make sense?” than by consulting Strunk & White’s Elements of Style (you know… that book of which you received multiple copies for your high school graduation). And if you embrace the logical absurdity of incorrect answers, studying Sentence Correction can be fun (or at least less un-fun). As you notice these grammatically-induced absurdities, you can bring extra enjoyment to day-to-day reading and radio-listening. For example, consider this segment from today’s Morning Edition on NPR.
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Why an Accelerated GMAT Course May Be Just What You Need

Accelerated GMAT CourseChris Kane is a longtime Veritas Prep instructor and recipient of the worldwide Instructor of the Year Award. Having taught thousands of students in New York City and the tri-state area, he contributes frequently to the Veritas Prep lesson materials and is the primary instructor for the popular Accelerated Course format in Midtown Manhattan, where he will begin another such course this week. In his first of many contributions to the Veritas Prep blog, he shares the wisdom of his experience with the one-week, 42-hour Accelerated Course format.

While no Veritas Prep class is more popular than the Full Course, the Accelerated Course has a lot to offer. It undoubtedly makes for a long week: We cover all the material presented in the 42 hour Full Course in one week, meeting every day from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM with a one hour lunch break. When I teach the Accelerated Course, students in my evening Full Course often remark that the format is, well, insane: “How could you learn all this in one week?” Information overload! I could never do that… It’s crazy!”
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Announcing Veritas Prep’s 2010 Worldwide GMAT Instructor of the Year Winners

GMAT Instructor of the Year
Our nominee for 2010 Photo of the Year
Happy New Year, readers! As we begin a new year and Veritas Prep launches its first 2011 GMAT courses next week, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on a highly successful 2010 and honor some of the people who most contributed to it.

Here at Veritas Prep, we have the honor at the end of each year of looking back at the thousands of students and hundreds of classes we’ve taught.  It has become tradition each December to name winners of the Worldwide Instructor of the Year award, and the process has grown in enjoyment level each year as we’ve been treated to mountains of positive student evaluation scores and comments.  With a company average of approximately 4.4 on a 5-point scale (4 is “agree” and 5 is “strongly agree”) to the prompt “I would recommend my instructor to others”, it’s clear that to become an Instructor of the Year one must truly be a star among stars, and it’s a privilege for our headquarters staff to sift through the data and reflect on the countless lives that our instructors have changed for the better.
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Three Easy (and Free) Ways to Start Your GMAT Prep

GMAT PracticeHappy Holidays, everyone! We hope you’re able to get some rest and enjoy time with your friends and family during the holidays. And, especially if you’re in the Northeastern United States, we hope you’re staying dry and safe in the middle of some serious snow!

As for us, we’re taking advantage of the holidays here at Veritas Prep to get caught up on things and get ready for our next big wave of GMAT courses, which start worldwide in two weeks. If you’re planning on preparing for and taking the GMAT in 2011, here are three ways you can start your preparation at no cost:
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A Warning to All Would-Be GMAT Cheaters

Lawrence Rudner
Dr. Lawrence Rudner

Last week GMAC’s own Dr. Lawrence Rudner, the ultimate “guy behind the GMAT” if there ever was one, wrote an article on Bloomberg Businessweek letting GMAT students know that the punishment is severe for anyone caught trying to cheat the exam. And, perhaps even more importantly, he has real-world data to prove that the advantage someone gains by cheating is slight, if they exist at all.
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Why We Created the New GMAT Essentials Course

GMAT Essentials Course
Kix has known about the GMAT Essentials for a long time.
On October 30 and 31 we ran the first ever Veritas Prep Essentials Course, giving students an entirely new way to think about how they should prepare for the GMAT. The reviews have been nothing short of phenomenal so far, which explains why we’ve been humbled by the terrific demand we’ve seen for the course. But, this new course is the biggest change to GMAT prep since we launched our original 42-hour course back in 2002… How did it come about?

The Essentials Course came up as a challenge based on what’s happening in the marketplace; there are a lot of options for the GMAT student these days, and many of them advertise shorter classes, more convenient schedules, and lower prices, and we wanted to compete in that market. Our Full Course’s strengths have a lot to do with was how comprehensive it is –- it’s 42 hours (normally over 7 weeks) and covers everything from fundamental skills to higher-order strategies. We still know that it’s the best way for most people to study for the GMAT, but we also know that one size doesn’t fit all (as we told BusinessWeek last year).
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GMAC Release First Sample Integrated Reasoning Questions for the New GMAT

GMAT LogoThe Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has announced that those who take the GMAT between November 19 and November 24 will be among the first to see examples of the GMAT’s new Integrated Reasoning questions in a live test setting. This will strictly be for the purpose of evaluating the questions, and will have no bearing on students’ official GMAT scores. Anyone who completes the sample questions and fill outs a short online survey the next day will receive a $25 credit for their time.

Fortunately, even if you’re not taking the GMAT this month, you can still get a taste of how the GMAT’s new Integrated Reasoning questions will work. GMAC has released 10 sample Integrated Reasoning questions to get an initial read on test takers’ reactions to them. Note that these are question formats under consideration, and everything about them is subject to change. Some require you to read short passages, others have you gather information from a small spreadsheet, and others still require you to interpret a scatter plot. One question type even requires that you listen to an audio clip, rather than read a short passage.
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Official Guide for GMAT Review Now More Accessible Than Ever

Official Guide Talking BooksLast week the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the people behind the GMAT, announced the release of the Official Guide for GMAT Review series of digital talking books, making the popular GMAT prep material more accessible for the visually impaired. The new books provide the exact same GMAT preparation material found in the printed GMAT study guides.

The digital talking books, which students can view on a computer, provide multiple ways for students to learn the material. Users can turn voice assistance on and off, magnify text up to 16 times normal size, and adjust screen contrast on any section of the books.
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GMAT Courses Start Around the World Next Week!

GMAT PrepAttention Round 2 and Round 3 applicants! If you still need to take the GMAT, of if you’re not happy with your current score, we have GMAT prep classes starting around the world next week!

If you’re applying to business school this year, hopefully by now you have already beaten the GMAT and are able to focus on the rest of your applications. If not, there’s still time to properly prepare for the exam, get a competitive score, and complete your business school applications this year. But, time is running out, so you’d better start your test preparation now.
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Five Tips for the GMAT Self-Study Student

While Veritas Prep is obviously in the business of getting paid to provide GMAT preparation services, we know that a lot of our fans have chosen the self-study path for their GMAT prep. In fact, most of us here at Veritas Prep HQ chose the self-study route when we took the GMAT (and the rest have taken a Veritas Prep course!).

Do-it-yourself GMAT prep can be very effective, but it can also lead to a great deal of frustration if you do it without a plan or start off with some bad advice. We do believe that most people can do well on the GMAT by studying on their own, but many students sabotage themselves with bad study habits or a lack of understanding about the GMAT itself. To help you, today we present five tips for those of you who choose to prepare for the GMAT on your own:

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity
We often see students boasting in public forums about how many Official Guide problems they complete every week, or how they have run out of questions to do because they’re just on fire with their GMAT prep. Unfortunately, many of them focus on the wrong thing — while you’re studying, it’s not a question of how many problems you can do (or how quickly you can do them), but rather what you’re learning with each question. If you hit a sticking point with a problem, take a step back and ask yourself, “What are they testing here? What in my toolkit will help me answer this question?” and make a note of what your GMAT toolkit may be missing. That’s a far more effective approach to preparation than burning through problem after problem, possibly reinforcing bad habits along the way.

Balance Is Key
We often see students fall into two camps: They either tend to gravitate towards the problems that they like (“Oh good, a distance/rate problem. I can do these.”), or they develop an obsession with what they can’t do well (“I need to find 500 geometry questions NOW.”). The reality is that you will encounter both kinds of questions on test day, and you need to be able to get good at the hard stuff while staying nimble and error-free with the easier stuff. In any one sitting, make sure you cover some of both: Work on the stuff you like as well as the material you hate.

Don’t Look Things Up!
This advice runs contrary to what Mom and Dad told us when we were kids: “How do you spell pterodactyl?” / “Look it up!” While that’s a terrific habit for a seven-year-old to get into, it’s a terrible one for a GMAT student to practice. If you encounter problem for which you don’t have an obvious plan of attack (such as knowing an algebraic formula or remembering a grammar rule), DON’T look it up in the moment? Students who are obsessed with pacing (more on that in a minute) especially fall prey to this, since they’re trying to get through problems as quickly as possible. The problem is that you won’t be able to do that on test day. What will you be able to do on the big day? Figure out the problem with what you DO know, even if you don’t know the easiest way to solve the problem. Even if it takes you five minutes during your GMAT practice, you will emerge better prepared in the long run. Afterward, definitely make a note and go back and learn (or re-learn) the thing you may have missed, but in the moment, solve the problem another way.

Practice the Way You’ll Play
This may seem like a mundane point, but this is a subtle prep strategy that can earn you a few extra points on the verbal section on the big day: In any one GMAT study session, make a point of finishing on some verbal questions. Why? Because that’s how you will do it on the real GMAT. As we’ve written before, the GMAT will throw meaty Reading Comprehension questions and tricky Sentence Correction problems at you after you have already been working for three hours… Don’t let mental fatigue get in the way at that point. When you’re about ready to hang it up for the night after a couple hours of studying, force yourself to do a few more verbal questions, and practice the skill of staying focused on them when you’re starting to get tired.

Be Mindful of Pacing
Yes, we’ve already made point here of not obsessing over pacing too much in your GMAT studies. However, you do need to make sure that you’re setting yourself up to finish each section of the exam, and the best way to do that is with regular “check ins” to see how you’re doing on pacing. While some students do 2,000+ practice problems and then take a couple of timed tests just before sitting for the real exam, we advise timing yourself earlier and more often. After you have mastered the basics, get in the habit of timing yourself once a week. It doesn’t need to be a full practice test every time — trying to do 30 problems in 60 minutes is more than enough — but it should be enough to get a feel for how you’re tracking. Don’t save this until right before the test, because if you find that you’re working too slowly, it may be too late to fix it. You don’t need to be obsessed with pacing at every turn, but time yourself from time to time.

Need a little more guidance but not sure if you need a seven-week prep course? Our newest GMAT course format, the Essentials Course, is the perfect way to start your GMAT preparation! Enrollment costs just $700 for in-person courses and only $550 for live online.

Our first course runs Saturday and Sunday, October 30-31, from 10 AM to 6 PM EDT, and will be taught by Brian Galvin and David Newland, two of Veritas Prep’s most distinguished instructors (and two of the brains behind the new course). Click here to learn more and to enroll!

And, as always, be sure to find us on Facebook and to follow us on Twitter!

Photo courtesy of TheTruthAbout, under a Creative Commons license.

Introducing Our New GMAT Essentials Course!

For the past eight years we have helped tens of thousands of students prepare for the GMAT. Not only have we helped students by knowing the GMAT better than anyone, but also by constantly staying innovative with our GMAT prep curriculum. That innovative spirit is behind our newest course format, The Essentials Course.

A team of our top GMAT instructors has collaborated over the past several months to develop an entirely new way to train for the GMAT. The Essentials Course, as the name implies, covers what you absolutely MUST need to know in order to succeed on the GMAT, and does it over 15 hours in one weekend.

This isn’t a seminar or a general overview of the GMAT. Rather, it is an in-depth, rigorous course designed to teach you the higher-order thinking skills that the GMAT is designed to test. After the course finishes, you will 12 months of access to all of Veritas Prep’s online prep tools, including 15 practice tests, seven in-depth diagnostic tests, and the entire Veritas Prep on Demand™ pre-recorded online course. Also, you will receive one year of unlimited homework help from expert Veritas Prep GMAT instructors.

If you’re asking yourself, “Where do I begin?” or need some professional help to get into the 700+ range, the Essentials Course is the perfect way to start your GMAT preparation! Enrollment costs just $700 for in-person courses and only $550 for live online.

Our first course runs Saturday and Sunday, October 30-31, from 10 AM to 6 PM EDT, and will be taught by Brian Galvin and David Newland, two of Veritas Prep’s most distinguished instructors (and two of the brains behind the new course). Click here to learn more and to enroll!

Getting ready to take the GMAT? A Veritas Prep GMAT prep course is just what you need. And, as always, be sure to find us on Facebook and to follow us on Twitter!

Veritas Prep GMAT Books Now on the iPad!

Veritas Prep GMAT Prep Books on iPadLike your iPad? Love doing well on the GMAT? You’re in luck… Veritas Prep’s industry-leading GMAT prep books are now available for download on the iPad! Now, test-takers can develop customized study programs using individual downloadable books from the most comprehensive GMAT prep course ever created.

Each book is rooted in our proven approach to GMAT prep, which focuses exclusively on higher order thinking — one’s cognitive ability to analyze, synthesize, and critically evaluate. To achieve optimal results, these books train you to solve problems like a talented manager, rather than memorize content.

Remember, the GMAT is not a test of how well you can memorize lists or regurgitate rules. As we wrote when GMAC announced the new Integrated Reasoning section for 2012, the skills that really matter in business school (and in the business world) are the ability to recognize relationships and draw inferences from limited data. Since 2002, we have trained tens of thousands of students how to do exactly these things.

First it was in our in-person courses in 2002, then in online classes a few years later. Earlier this year we announced the availability of our individual GMAT books (which previously were only available as a complete kit on our site, or on eBay or Craigslist) on Amazon and on our site. Now, we’ve taken it a step further, making them available electronically to anyone with an iPad. The next step: 3D GMAT prep, perhaps?

If you’re studying for the GMAT, be sure to compare us to other GMAT courses and see why more people choose Veritas Prep every year. And, as always, be sure to find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

GMAT Prep Courses Start This Week!

GMAT PrepIf you’re applying to business school this year, hopefully by now you have a great GMAT score under your belt. If not, there’s still time to properly prepare for the exam, get a competitive score, and complete your business school applications this year. But, you’d better start your test preparation now to give yourself enough time.

You’re in luck. This week we have GMAT prep classes starting all over the world. Whether you’re looking for an in-person class, an accelerated or weekend course, online GMAT prep, we’ve got you covered.

Taking our 42-hour, seven-week Full Course (our most popular option) will leave you with plenty of time to take the GMAT by November, setting up the calendar for you beautifully to prepare strong applications for the Round 2 deadlines in January. If you still have Round 1 in mind, you can enroll in a one-week Accelerated Course and be ready to take the GMAT before the end of this month. Or, enroll in Veritas Prep on Demand, our self-paced online GMAT prep option, and tackle the material as quickly as you want.

And, no matter which class you choose, you’ll have access to our online resources — including 15 computer-adaptive practice tests, seven diagnostic exams, and GMAT homework help from real GMAT instructors — for 12 full months. No one offers you more GMAT prep, period.

Ready to dig in and reach your maximum potential on the GMAT? Compare GMAT courses and see why thousands of applicants choose Veritas Prep every year. Then, find a GMAT course near you and get enrolled. If you enroll late, don’t worry… We’ll work with you to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

As always, be sure to find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so that you don’t miss a beat in the worlds of GMAT prep and MBA admissions!

Preparing for the GMAT Online Just Got Easier!

Since 2002, tens of thousands of business school applicants have chosen Veritas Prep to help them achieve their maximum potential on the GMAT. In 90+ cities worldwide, every year more and more students find out what makes the Veritas Prep strategy for GMAT mastery the best in the industry.

Our courses are also available online, in a Live Online option and a self-paced “On Demand” format. When you enroll in either one of these, you get access to the same 15 GMAT books that have made our in-person class so popular, plus access to our 15 practice tests, seven detailed diagnostics, more than 2,700 practice problems, and online homework help for one full year. It’s no wonder that they’ve become so popular!

So, how could we possibly make these courses any more appealing? By making them even easier to afford! Starting Monday, our Live Online course is available for just $700 (or three monthly payments of $250) a savings of $500. And our On Demand online GMAT course now only costs $450, a savings of $400!

How can this be?! Like Crazy Eddie, we’re insane!! Well, maybe, but the real reason is that we know that large numbers of students don’t have the means to afford our industry-best 42-hour in-person course. That’s no reason why they should be left out in the cold. (Or, left out in the heat, if you’re like Crazy Eddie over there.) We’re making it affordable for anyone to prepare for the GMAT, any time, anywhere. Our march on the GMAT world continues!

Plan on taking the GMAT soon? Compare us to the competition and see why more people choose Veritas Prep every year. And, as always, be sure to find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

Three Reasons to Retake the GMAT While You Can

We’re just two months away from the first Round 1 deadlines for the 2010-2011 MBA admissions season, and one question that we frequently receive at this time of year is, “I took the GMAT and scored X… Should I take it again before I apply?”

Of course, the answer we give largely hinges on what exactly X is, but let’s make things interesting. Let’s throw out the obvious “Yes!” and “No!” scenarios and assume you scored a 680, with no particular weakness in either the quant or verbal half of the exam. You’re targeting no less than the five highest MBA programs in the rankings. While you’re comfortably in the middle-80% range for each school, you have a nagging fear that your GMAT score might contribute to a ding in a few months. What do you do?

Our money’s on retaking the GMAT. Why? Here are three reasons:

#1: Business schools truly do take your highest GMAT score.
Don’t believe it? It’s what admissions officers at nearly every top MBA program have told us. Still skeptical? Ask yourself this: When U.S. News asks each business school to report its student body’s mean GMAT scores for MBA ranking purposes, which scores do you think the schools submit? Each student’s lowest score? Heck no… If you have a 660 and a 700, they’ll gladly report the latter.

So, if you are worried about taking the test again and scoring lower, you shouldn’t be. The worst you’ll do is get a lower score, which schools will ignore. If you’re still worried, you can decline to send your score to any schools the day you take the test, and later ask GMAC to send an updated score report to your target schools, after you know how you did. There’s truly no downside here.

#2: On average, test takers boost their scores by 31 points on their second GMAT sitting.
None other than GMAC, the people behind the GMAT, reported this a few years ago (see page 5 in the PDF) that the average score gain from the first to second sitting is 31 points. Now, before all of you statistics buffs jump on us for not reporting the whole story, we urge you to read the whole report. Of course, that’s just an average, and your score could in fact go down. But, as GMAC notes on page 9 of the report, “The observed gains for repeat test-takers are greater than the gains one would expect solely based on measurement error.” So, even if you don’t do much additional GMAT preparation before taking the test again, on average, the odds are in your favor.

#3: If you’re applying soon, your GMAT score is one of the few things in your application that you can still change significantly.
We saved this argument for last since we think it’s actually the most important one. Almost all of those things are in your past and can’t be changed: your undergraduate transcript, your work experience, your community involvement, etc. Assuming you will apply soon, from today going forward, the only things you still control are: your GMAT score, your essays, your letters of recommendation, maybe additional college coursework, and your admissions interview.

Yes, how you present all of those backward-looking things will significantly impact your chances (and that’s what our MBA admissions consultants do), but what would you rather do — submit a 660 GMAT score along with a terrific optional essay explaining that you really can cut it at Stanford GSB, or a 700 with no explanation needed? Very few applicants are perfect, and admissions officers accept applicants with blemishes all the time, but why have that one additional blemish (or, at least, something that’s not a strength) on your application when you still have a chance to improve on it?

Different Answers at Different Times of Year
The question gets more interesting as you approach the admissions deadlines. With just two weeks to go before the Round 1 deadline, do you go full steam ahead with your 670 GMAT score, or do you try to take the GMAT again while you’re cramming on your essays and closely managing your recommendation writers? (Or do you take a breath, spend some more time on getting the GMAT score you can really achieve, and apply in Round 2? We normally recommend that approach.) What about if you’re faced with that decision right before the Round 2 deadline? What about Round 3?

It’s more a nuanced discussion in those cases, to be sure, but if you’re still two months away from your target deadlines, the answer is clear: Your GMAT score is still one of the few things you can significantly impact before you apply… Why not make take advantage of one more chance to improve it?

Getting ready to take the GMAT? Compare GMAT prep courses and see why more and more people choose Veritas prep every year. And, as always, be sure to subscribe to this blog and to follow us on Twitter!

Photo courtesy of Smath., under a Creative Commons license.

Enrolling in the Best GMAT Prep Course Just Got Easier!

By popular demand, today we introduce something that will surely bring a smile to the face of anyone who’s ever wanted to pay Tuesday for their hamburger today: Now you can enroll in any Veritas Prep GMAT class and pay in three monthly installments!

Since Veritas Prep launched in 2002, we have always been one of the highest-priced GMAT courses in the market. When a company invests as much as we do in quality — from our 99th-percentile-scoring GMAT instructors to our industry-leading lesson books to our extensive bank of practice tests — it tends to be the more expensive option in the market. But, you shouldn’t need to choose between getting a great score or saving a few dollars. Now, you can do both.

How do you enroll in a payment plan? When you enroll in any in-person or online GMAT course, just check the “Payment Plan” box on the checkout page, and you will be automatically enrolled in a three-month payment plan. There’s nothing else you need to do. As soon as you enroll, you will immediately have access to all of Veritas Prep’s online GMAT lessons, diagnostics, and computer-adaptive practice tests!

By the way, payments plans are now available for all of our admissions consulting services, too! Just call us at 800-925-7737 to enroll, and ask for the payment plan option. It works the same way as the GMAT payment plan: Start working with us today, and pay over three months!

Getting ready to take the GMAT? Compare us to the competition and see why more and more people choose Veritas prep every year. And, as always, be sure to subscribe to this blog and to follow us on Twitter!

Photo courtesy of Andres Rueda, under a Creative Commons license.

Go Around the World with Veritas Prep and Win $5,000 in Prizes + 40% Off a GMAT Course!

To celebrate the worldwide reach of our GMAT courses (we have 87 locations in 16 countries and offer live online courses) we are hosting an Around the World Facebook photo contest! Everyone is invited to submit a picture of themselves wearing a Veritas Prep t-shirt or holding Veritas Prep books and the person with the picture that receives the most votes will get his or her choice of the following prizes:

Don’t worry, even if you don’t win, EVERYONE who enters the contest will receive 40% off any Veritas Prep GMAT course as well as 20% off our admissions consulting and private tutoring services. If you don’t have a Veritas Prep t-shirt, all you need to do is send an email to with your shirt size and shipping address and we will ship you a t-shirt free of charge.

To Enter:
On the Veritas Prep Facebook page, click on the Around the World tab and enter the contest. Once you are on the contest page, you can submit a picture for a chance to win and/or invite friends to participate in the contest or vote for your entry.

After entering, please email to let us know the services that interest you, and we will get you all set at the discounted rates. The Around the World contest provides a great opportunity to save money on our services while helping to bring the Veritas Prep community closer together. The deadline for submitting a photo is July 23rd so please act soon if you are interested!

Summer GMAT Prep Classes Start Next Week!

GMAT Prep ClassesWe thought we’d take a quick break holiday (what, you didn’t get July 5 off??) to let you know that we have GMAT prep classes starting around the world next week! If you’re planning to apply to a top business school this coming fall, now is the perfect time to get started on your GMAT preparation.

Why? Because starting your preparation now will put you in position to take the GMAT by mid August. If you ace it, then great. You can put the GMAT out of your mind and start planning the rest of your application. If not — and that’s totally normal and okay — then you still have time to take it again before the Round 1 deadlines come in early October.

If you haven’t yet taken the GMAT and want help in maximizing your score, you’re in luck. We have classes starting in dozens of cities worldwide this coming week, in all sorts of formats — weeknights, weekends, Saturdays-only, accelerated, and online GMAT courses. You name it, we’ve got a GMAT class for it. And taking our 42-hour, seven-week Complete Course (our most popular option) will leave you with plenty of time to take the GMAT in July, setting up the calendar for you beautifully in the back half of the year.

Ready to dig in and reach your maximum potential on the GMAT? Visit our site for a GMAT course overview to see why thousands of applicants choose Veritas Prep every year. Then, find a GMAT course near you and register. If you enroll late, don’t worry… We’ll work with you to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

As always, be sure to subscribe to this blog and to follow Veritas Prep on Twitter so that you don’t miss a beat in the worlds of GMAT prep and MBA admissions!

Introducing Veritas Prep’s GMAT Prep Books!

We have big news to announce! Today, on our 8th birthday, we introduce our GMAT prep books for individual purchase! These are the same books that we use in our industry-leading 42-hour GMAT prep course, and they contain everything that tens of thousands of students have learned in a Veritas Prep class.

For years students have been asking us to sell our books individually. We always resisted since we carefully control every aspect of our classroom instruction, but after years of having to tell students “sorry!” when asked if they could buy our books, we have decided to make them available for the first time ever, on our site and on

Veritas Prep students know that our approach to GMAT prep is based on the premise that excelling on the exam is not about what you know, but rather how you think. After all, business schools aren’t necessarily looking for algebra whizzes or grammar teachers, but rather potential managers who can efficiently and effectively make quality decisions — an idea that was reinforced by the Graduate Management Admission Council’s recently announced new Integrated Reasoning section. Therefore, effective GMAT prep requires training test-takers to think about the test’s content like a business manager, and Veritas Prep’s revolutionary GMAT prep methodology does just that.

Our new GMAT preparation books include:

  • Math Essentials
  • Arguments
  • Arithmetic
  • Critical Reasoning I
  • Critical Reasoning II
  • Algebra
  • Sentence Correction I
  • Sentence Correction II
  • Geometry
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Data sufficiency
  • Statistics and Problem Solving
  • Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Advanced Word Problems and Quantitative Review
  • Combinatorics and Probability

Veritas Prep’s GMAT books are available on our site and on

Thinking beyond books for your GMAT preparation? See a GMAT course comparison and see why more and more people choose Veritas Prep every year. And, as always, be sure to subscribe to this blog and to follow us on Twitter!

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Start Your GMAT Preparation

It only comes six times a year, when the planets align and our GMAT prep classes start around the world on the same week! If you’re planning to apply to a top MBA program this coming fall (or even if you’re just starting to think about it), this is the perfect time to start preparing for the GMAT.

Why? Because starting your preparation now will put you in position to take the GMAT by late July. If you ace it, then great. You can put the GMAT out of your mind and start planning the rest of your application. If not — and it’s not unusual for an applicant to take the GMAT two or three times — then you still have plenty of time to prep some more and take the GMAT again, before you get deep into the stress of pulling together your Round 1 business school applications in October.

When it’s early in the calendar year and applicants ask us, “What can I do NOW to most help my MBA admissions chances in the fall?” we often say, “Start earlier! Give yourself more time than you think you’ll need, for everything — the GMAT, your essays, your letters of recommendation. You’ll be glad you did!” Sometimes they listen, and sometimes they don’t. But the ones who do listen always become advocates of the “Start early!” school of thought. (Maybe that’s why our May classes are so popular!)

Okay, back to the special occasion at hand: If you haven’t yet taken the GMAT and want help in maximizing your score, you’re in luck. We have classes starting in dozens of cities worldwide this week, in all sorts of formats — weeknights, weekends, Saturdays-only, accelerated, and online GMAT prep. You name it, we’ve got a GMAT class for it. And taking our 42-hour, seven-week Complete Course (our most popular option) will leave you with plenty of time to take the GMAT in July, setting up the calendar for you beautifully in the back half of the year.

Ready to dig in and reach your maximum potential on the GMAT? Visit our site for a GMAT course overview to see why thousands of applicants choose Veritas Prep every year. Then, find a GMAT course near you and you’ll be on your way.

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Happening Today: What the GMAT Can (and Cannot) Do For Your MBA Candidacy

At 12:00 PM U.S. Pacific time today, Veritas Prep co-founder and CEO Chad Troutwine will conduct a live online seminar titled “What the GMAT Can (and Cannot) Do For Your MBA Candidacy.” Chad’s presentation is part if the Association of the first annual Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants (AIGAC) Graduate Admissions Virtual Summit. There’s still time to register here!

The GMAT is a fundamental component in the candidacy of every top MBA applicant, but how important it is in the admissions process is debatable and often shrouded in mystery. This webinar will explore available data and present illuminating anecdotal evidence on the subject. In addition, it will introduce and scrutinize common myths surrounding the test and endeavor to separate fact from fiction, sometimes leading to hysteria among anxious business school applicants.

It will devote particular attention to the relative importance of the quantitative section of the GMAT and consider whether a poor effort on the AWA could undo an otherwise competitive application. This webinar includes a tutorial that will introduce valuable lessons for applicants seeking to maximize their GMAT score. It presents advice for the candidate who needs to mitigate a low score.

Prospective MBA applicants will leave the presentation with a clear understanding of how much value to assign to the GMAT in the admissions process. This webinar also offers proven GMAT preparation techniques and actionable advice for applicants with low GMAT scores.

There are still some spots left in today’s event. To register, click here!

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Separating Fact from Hysteria in MBA Admissions

They say hysteria sells. And it sure does, or at least it did, back in the 1980s, when Def Leppards’ Hysteria went on to sell more than 20 million copies worldwide after its release in 1987. The name “Hysteria” was inspired by the surge in media coverage caused by drummer Rick Allen’s Dec. 31 1984 car accident. While Allen’s accident was devastating (he would rebound to drum on Hysteria, and is still with the band today, despite only having one arm) the worldwide “hysteria” caused by his accident dwarfed the event itself, to the band’s bemusement.

In the world of GMAT prep and MBA admissions, there have been similar developments where the story has become bigger than the news itself. Here are four examples:

When ETS started making an aggressive push to challenge the GMAT with the GRE as a legitimate alternative for business school admissions, media outlets took notice. When HBS, Stanford, MIT Sloan (and later Wharton) announced that they would start accepting the GRE or the GMAT, hysteria broke out. As we’ve said before, if you’re serious about business school and earning an MBA has been your plan all along, there’s still no good reason to choose the GRE over the GMAT. These schools’ decisions to accept the GRE is to try to attract more non-traditional applicants, not to give you a chance to take an “easier” test (as some believe the GRE to be).

Background Checks by Business Schools
Early last decade, Wharton and a few other top MBA programs began using Kroll and similar firms to perform spot background checks on admitted applicants. Hysteria kicked in when applicants started worrying, “I put down that I do 10-15 hours of volunteer work per month, but what if they learn its’ more like 5-10 hours??” While there are been some well-documented cases of business schools rescinding admissions upon learning of inaccuracies in applicants’ backgrounds, these have been few and far between. And, schools are far more worried about catching true whoppers (e.g., saying you were a VP at a company when you were only and associate, or falsifying your salary) than trying to catch you on a technicality. If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.

The Introduction of Bold-Faced Critical Reasoning GMAT Questions
A few years ago, the GMAT corner of cyberspace lit up with hysteria -– the GMAT had a brand new, never-before-seen type of Critical Reasoning problem that was inciting terror among unsuspecting examinees. The question? A Critical Reasoning paragraph with one or two sentences highlighted in boldface type, and the question stem: “The sentences in boldface play which of the following roles?” Calls flooded into test preparation offices and GMAT-themed forums stacked up questions regarding the recommended approaches for such problems. The best approach? Relax -– these questions are just like those “Method of Reasoning” types that ask you to describe the author’s reasoning. The main difference was just some boldfaced type -– which in some ways was even an advantage for the examinee, who was better able to prioritize his reading by focusing on the portions that the GMAT specifically highlighted.

The Scoretop Scandal
When GMAC shut down a web site that sold real, live GMAT questions, this was the biggest news the normally sleeping test prep industry had seen in years. While Scoretop was indeed up to no good, and everyone in the industry (including Veritas Prep) cheered when GMAC shut it down, the impact on MBA applicants and students was actually far smaller than originally expected. Of the 6,000 test takers probed for alleged violations, only 84 were eventually sanctioned. Again, lots of hysteria, and plenty of justice served, but for those who were playing by the rules all along, the scandal proved nothing more than an interesting read in the Summer of 2008.

The lesson? Don’t get caught up in the hysteria. Stick to your strategy, do the right thing, and you’ll be fine. For more MBA admissions advice, give us a call at (800) 925-7737 and speak with an admissions expert today. And, be sure to subscribe to this blog and follow us on Twitter!

Snowpocalypse 2010 and the GMAT

GMAT Prep(Today we share a “GMAT war story” from KJ, a recent Veritas Prep student who was recently accepted to multiple top-ranked business schools. If you think you’re stressed about taking the GMAT, just read what she went through to make her test happen during the blizzard that rocked the DC area in February!)

I put off applying to business school for the past few years mainly because of my anxiety over the GMAT. I have ADHD and knew how difficult it would be to first, gather all the information needed to submit a request for extended time and second, even get a decent accommodation.

When my sister, who was four years younger than I, started graduate school, I begrudgingly told myself it was now or never and started collecting the information needed in August, 2009. It took nearly three months to get part of the accommodation I had in undergrad but I told myself I would just do my best. Because the accommodation process had taken so long I knew I needed to find a reputable GMAT prep course at an accelerated pace.

As a note, I want to earn my MBA to help other people less fortunate abroad. I am very interested in International Business and Social Enterprise. I feel I am going back to school for the Lord and it is His work that needs to be done.

I then received an email telling me I had won a raffle for a free Veritas Prep course. I of course thought it was spam and was very annoyed to be receiving such emails. Upon further investigation I learned I truly HAD won AND it was the exact prep course I wanted to take!

Veritas has an excellent reputation and standards — their instructors all scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT. They also solely focus on the GMAT, which I greatly appreciated. I was able to take full course in two weekends and it was great.

By winning this free course, I took it as major encouragement and a sign that I was on the right track in pursuing what I wanted to do. Little did I know what would happen from there.

I had a time crunch, and Round 1 applications were approaching — I had to take the test a week after my class ended, mid November 2009. Again, I had a lot of anxiety about the test, but just thought I should bite the bullet and do what I could. I got a 370. A 370. No, that is not a typo. Verbal – Raw 31/58%, Quantitative – Raw 6/0%, AWA – 6/90%. Total – 370/9%.

The closest testing center I could get because of my time restriction was two hours away. Needless to say, I pretty much cried the whole way home.

I was in the 0 percentile in math. 0! Haha, what?! I am actually better at quant than I am verbal. In some ways it was funny. I tested out of math in college, and I had a Bachelor of Science where we used statistics and analyzed data all the time and I work for a bank. The whole thing was just ludicrous.

From there I just decided to take a break. I appealed my accommodations and at the same time scheduled another test with the current accommodations closer to my house. I didn’t want to get myself worked up as I did over the last test. My appeal came back and they told me (very rudely) that they would not change my accommodation now or ever.

At the end of December I took the test again and got a 550. I was not happy about it, but it certainly was better than my 370. Verbal – Raw 35/73%, Quantitative – Raw 30/28%, AWA – 6/90%. Total – 550/49%.

I spoke with some schools, and while they were not excited about my score, I at least could justify my difficulty and hopefully have them focus on the rest of my application which I considered to be very strong.

I knew I wanted more though. I wanted to get into an excellent program. I knew I was smart, a hard worker and I knew I could do this. I then decided to schedule ANOTHER exam for the beginning of February.

I obviously missed Round 1 applications in the Fall, but I spoke with each school and they encouraged me to apply Round 2 (these deadlines are in January) and then update them once I had taken the GMAT again. So, I got all my applications out and then decided to tackle the GMAT.

This time I would actually study and go through the Veritas Prep books (as I hadn’t had much time before). I called Veritas Prep and asked if I could get a private tutor. EVERYONE at the office was so kind, helpful and prompt in helping me. I was able to meet with my tutor the next day. We decided to solely focus on quantitative and dust off the skills I had learned 10 years ago. My tutor was awesome. He not only helped me hone in on what I needed to work on, but also helped me mentally attack the exam. He helped me with my timing — on two practice exams I solely focused on spending equal time on the questions and not worrying about the outcome of the test. I probably met with him eight times in less than a month.

I canceled everything in my schedule. Church groups, soccer, the gym, any social event and I would study quant until the wee hours of the morning. It was intense.

Then came Snowpocalypse 2010.

We had been getting record breaking snowfalls in the DC area that winter. This worked for me as I just stayed home and studied. But now, the test date was only a few days away and we were predicted to get record breaking amounts of snow. Nearly 3 feet — in Virginia!

I was nervous, but determined. I called the test center before the snow hit and asked them their policy. They basically said they really never close but if they have to, the people scheduled that day basically have to reschedule. Rescheduling takes about another month, another month I didn’t have.

My test was on Tuesday, February 9, 2010. The snow fell that previous Saturday. The center was still closed that Monday. I hoped/guessed it would be open Tuesday but then came ANOTHER prediction — another foot of snow Tuesday afternoon! My test was scheduled for noon.

I called the center Tuesday and confirmed they were open but they said they might close early. I begged them to please, for the love of God, let me take the test. They finally agreed but said I had better hurry.

This was it. This was the moment. What are you made of?

I did the essays and got ready for the quant. I knew I had to focus on the timing and move on if I was taking too long. I got halfway through the quant and knew I didn’t have much time left. I was so upset with myself, but I had to keep going and just continue to do the best I could do. I refused to let myself get emotional. Focus. I got through it and probably had to randomly guess about 12 questions. I just made sure that I actually finished the test and didn’t leave any blank.

I then took a break and just let it all out. I knew I had bombed it. OK, fine. Maybe, even though I believed God wanted me to do this, it wasn’t meant to be now. Maybe I had misread the signs. Either way, I knew I still had to get it together and just try to go finish the verbal. I hadn’t practiced anything in verbal since the last test so I would just do what I could and then leave. The snow was coming and I could just go home.

So, I got through the verbal. There wasn’t as much stress as I knew I had pretty much blown any chance I had at getting a good score. I just gave the whole thing up to God and whatever He wanted to do with it would be.

It came time for the score.

I clicked the button and was in complete shock of what I saw. 660.

There had to be a mistake. Verbal – Raw 34/68%, Quantitative – Raw 47/78%, AWA – 6/90%. Total – 660/82%. I couldn’t believe it.

I was the only person in the testing center. The test administrators were waiting to leave. I thanked them for waiting for me and wished them luck battling the snow that was alr
eady falling again outside.

I sat in my car that cold winter night outside the testing center. Snow was everywhere and it didn’t matter. I took in the moment. I knew that everything would change from here. I was grateful and humbled. Wow. Thank you, God. Thank you.

My grade may not have been stellar but I could make it work. I got into every school I applied to. I plan to enroll in the Fall at a top 15 school in the country. My dream school.

I am so grateful for the people at Veritas Prep and the people that believed in me. This winter was one of the most difficult in my life. Record snowfalls and record achievements. I am so humbled and happy.

It was my destiny.

Now Hiring: Vice President of Kaplan Acquisition

GMAT PrepWe’re growing! Veritas Prep is seeking a Vice President of Kaplan Acquisition to work in our Malibu, California headquarters, on an as-yet-unnamed secret project. Veritas Prep is the largest privately owned GMAT preparation and admissions consulting company in the world. We offer our renowned GMAT courses in more than 90 cities on five continents and employ nearly 150 admissions experts from the world

GMAT Prep Classes Start Worldwide Tonight!

Today is one of those extra exciting days at Veritas Prep HQ, when GMAT prep classes start in dozens of cities worldwide (and in a few other cities, where they start tomorrow night).

We try to only sparingly use this space for blatant promotion of our products and services. However, for some of our newer readers who plan to apply to business school this coming fall, now is the ideal time to start preparing for the GMAT. Taking a class now enables you to take the GMAT before summer, so that you can get that stressful part of the application out of the way. Or, you can retake our class for free, if needed, and take the text again over the summer, still giving yourself plenty of time to purely focus on your apps before the Round 1 admissions deadlines come in October.

As you may have seen on our sweet new Veritas Prep web site, we have courses starting in these cities tonight and tomorrow night:

If you don’t live near one of the cities, or if you just prefer to do your studying online, we also offer multiple online GMAT preparation options: a live online format and a self-paced “on demand” class.

If the time for you to start preparing for the GMAT is now, give us a call (800) 925-7737 and speak with a Veritas Prep admissions expert today. And, as always, be sure to subscribe to this blog and to follow us on Twitter!

Good Study Tool: GMAT Club’s GMAT ToolKit for the iPhone

Our friends at GMAT Club just earned a pretty impressive distinction when their GMAT Toolkit app was recently featured by Apple on its “What’s Hot” list!

The iPhone app is part of an ongoing project by GMAT Club to create a terrific test prep app through the power of GMAT Club’s community. The ToolKit was originally released several months ago and has since undergone three updates to include additional features requested by users.

While we offer our own GMAT prep app for the iPhone, here are some of the things that we love about GMAT Club’s GMAT Toolkit:

  • Question sets

Five Reasons to Take the GMAT Early

With our full slate of March GMAT courses right around the corner, one of the most common questions we encounter at this time of year is, “When should I take the GMAT?” Many prospective MBA students know the GMAT is in their near future, but for a variety of reasons, they aren’t sure they want to deal with it just yet.

Sure, they could take a course in March and have the test done by May, but why not wait until July? We always encourage our students to look at their own individual situations first and foremost, but as a rule of thumb, we tend to encourage test-takers to tackle the GMAT early in the calendar year, whenever possible.

We offer five reasons for taking (and prepping for) the GMAT early:
  1. Taking the test early preserves all of your options. One major part of test-taking psychology is to prepare for success and treat your first GMAT examination like it will be your only examination. That said, having options is always a good thing. Given that MBA candidates who sit for multiple GMAT exams are generally not punished during the admissions process, it makes sense to preserve the possibility of taking a second test. The last thing you want to encounter is a timeline that gets jammed up because you want to take the GMAT again. The earlier your prepare for and take the test the first time, the more cushion you allow yourself to repeat the process if necessary.
  2. Having a score banked allows you to do proper research. The GMAT plays a major factor in determining admissions possibilities for an MBA candidate. A 30-point difference can send an HBS or Stanford hopefull back to the drawing board in search of a lower-ranked school that might offer a great fit. Alternatively, we’ve had many clients email us to announce that they “got a 730!” … but now they have “no idea which schools to look at.” The GMAT score serves as a critical benchmark for determining prospects and schools and it is difficult to dive into the school selection process without knowing that score. Late spring is often the best time to visit MBA programs and engage in exhaustive research, but unless you know that the schools are appropriate, that type of activity can wind up being wasted effort.
  3. The earlier you are aware of a quant weakness, the more time you have to address it. We talk a lot in this space about how test scores work on two levels: as a raw number and also as an indicator for key admissions themes. When it comes to that second consideration, there is much candidates can do to offset negative admissions themes derived from their GMAT score … but only if they act quickly enough. In particular, if the quant score is out of balance, an applicant can take some quant-heavy courses over the summer and help alleviate any concerns that the business school has about that student’s ability to do the work.
  4. No time like winter! It sounds ridiculous, but it can often be harder to buckle down and study during the summer months when the weather is great, the days are longer, softball leagues are happening … you get the idea. Summer is a season that competes for our time like no other stretch of the year save for the holidays. Avoid the conflict and chase out the final days of winter with some serious GMAT prep.
  5. Candidates are slaves to the GMAT. Above all else, the GMAT has the capacity to cripple an applicant’s entire operation. So many of our admissions consulting clients wait to start working with a consultant until the test is over. Many other candidates won’t even touch the essays until they have the GMAT squarely in their rearview mirror. Many applicants are linear thinkers and like to clear hurdles one at a time. Since the GMAT is often the first hurdle, and it is a task that people push off for later, it tends to set back the entire process. The sooner that you can tackle the GMAT, conquer it, and put it in your trophy case, the sooner you can address the rest of the process – essays, interviews, and everything else – with a clear mind and a sense of purpose.

For more GMAT prep tips and resources, give us a call at (800) 925-7737. And, be sure to subscribe to this blog and follow us on Twitter!

Improve Your GMAT Score in Just Two Weeks!

GMAT preparation
Sorry, we couldn’t resist creating a “Seven-Minute Abs”-like title. If you’ve landed here while looking for a way to boost your GMAT score in two weeks’ time, you’ve got your work cut out for you. But, we are the GMAT prep experts, and we received this question from an applicant recently, so let’s dig in:

The surest way to improve quickly on the GMAT is by identifying the mistakes that you’re making, and being aware of them on test day so that you don’t make them again. The writers of the GMAT craft incorrect answers around a series of commonly-occurring mistakes that examinees tend to make

Get Access to All GMAT Club Tests When You Enroll with Veritas Prep!

GMAT Club tests
Starting January 26, when you enroll in a Veritas Prep GMAT prep course or MBA admissions consulting service through GMAT Club, you will not only save 10% (up to $180 savings), but you’ll also get free access to all 30 of GMAT Club’s online tests — a $79 value!

You can read more information about this special offer at GMAT Club, here and here.

Here’s how this special offer works:

  1. Be sure to use the link referenced in the above pages on
  2. Select the GMAT course or admissions consulting service you would like
  3. Enter this promo code on the check out page to get 10% off: GMATC10 (enter this at the bottom of the page) — this is good on all Veritas Prep GMAT class and admissions consulting services!
  4. Finish the transaction and receive your confirmation email from Veritas Prep
  5. Fill out this form and you will receive free access to all 30 GMAT Club tests!

Also, while you’re at it, stop by the “Ask Veritas Prep” thread at GMAT Club and get free advice from one of our admissions experts. For more GMAT prep tips and resources, give us a call at (800) 925-7737. And, be sure to follow us on Twitter!

Veritas Prep iPhone GMAT Prep App Reaches More Than 50,000 Downloads!

iPhone GMAT App
With our GMAT prep classes starting around the world this week, we were so hard at work that we almost missed a huge milestone: Our Veritas Prep GMAT Practice Quiz iPhone App has been downloaded more than 50,000 on the iTunes store!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the app, it lets you practice all five GMAT question types — Data Sufficiency, Problem Solving, Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension — and do it on your own terms with multiple customization features.

With the GMAT Practice Quiz, you can:
  • Take timed practice exams or focus on subject mastery without worrying about time
  • Use the complete diagnostics provided to better understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • Customize the quiz to practice all five types of GMAT questions or focus on one question type.

The Veritas Prep iPhone GMAT app is 100% free… All you need is an iPhone or an iPod touch and an iTunes account.

Also, we should address the question that we get a lot: “When will the GMAT Practice Quiz iPhone App be available on Android and Blackberry?” Don’t worry… We hear you loud and clear… Stay tuned!

Veritas Prep Co-Founders Named Two of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Trailblazers and Trendsetters of 2009

After calling them the “Titans of Testing” in a cover story last year, Entrepreneur Magazine recently named Veritas Prep co-founders Markus Moberg and Chad Troutwine two of its Trailblazers and Trendsetters of 2009, alongside the founders of other hot young companies such as New Belgium Brewing, CollegeHumor, Rockcorps, and Freshbooks.

It’s one more tribute to all of the hard work that the entire Veritas Prep team has done, from Chad and Markus to everyone here at Veritas Prep HQ to all of our GMAT instructors and admissions consultants who helped tens of thousands of business school applicants since the company’s founding in 2002.

According to Entrepreneur’s “20 Trailblazers and Trendsetters of 2009” feature:

Veritas Prep started off as a project for an entrepreneurship class by two students attending the Yale School of Management. In 2008 the test prep company raked in about $10 million in sales in 2008. At $1,500 for a GMAT course, their price point rivals their largest competitors Kaplan and Princeton Review (Veritas Prep ranks second in GMAT prep, behind Kaplan and ahead of Princeton Review).

The twist? Veritas Prep offers about 50 percent more class time. With the advanced-degree market hitting 50-year record highs, co-founder Chad Troutwine’s outlook on Prep’s future is bright. “We’re just a rare business that will continue to do well in this economy.”

If you’re new to Veritas Prep and want to learn more about how we can help you, take a look at our industry-leading GMAT prep and admissions consulting services. Or, give us a call at (800) 925-7737 and speak with an expert today!

GMAT Prep and Admissions: The Best of 2009

There goes another year! As 2009 (and the decade… whatever we’re calling it…) winds down, we thought we’d share some of our most popular posts and most interesting topics from the past 12 months.

We hope that our blog has provided you with some useful insights as you’ve prepared for the GMAT and/or developed your grad school applications. Sometimes we have a little fun, and sometimes we veer off topic to talk about what interests us, but everything written here comes from the same place: We want to help you be successful!

With all that said, here are some of the most interesting topics and most popular posts from the past 12 months:

Thanks for reading, everyone! Best wishes for a terrific 2010!

Veritas Prep Weighs in on the GMAT vs. GRE Debate on BusinessWeek

GMAT Preparation
In an article on yesterday, BW’s Francesca Di Meglio dug deeper into the “GMAT or GRE?” question. She interviewed several leading experts on the subject, including our own co-founder and CEO, Chad Troutwine.

Di Meglio referred to the battle between the two tests as a “Coke-or-Pepsi debate,” an appropriate comparison given that they are two tests that seem similar (at least on the surface), and that each one has its ardent backers. However, everyone interviewed for the story (including Chad) had a very clear take: If you’re serious about getting into business school, don’t over-think it. Doing well on the GMAT is still the best way to prove that you have the aptitude to excel in business school.

According to Chad (via the article):

In general, Troutwine says, the GRE is not taken as seriously as the GMAT in the B-school world. He tells clients to take the GMAT unless they are applying to other graduate programs that require the GRE. “If you can take on the challenge of what may be a slightly more demanding exam, the score will have more value,” says Troutwine.

If you’re dead set on getting into a top business school, keep in mind the schools’ rationale for starting to accept the GRE — to attract applicants who might not otherwise have considered applying to business school. MBA admissions officers’ image of the typical (or even ideal) GRE-taking applicant is the one who has an impressive background but maybe an unclear career path. Maybe he just took the GRE to prepare to apply for a graduate program in public policy, but now he learns about the HBS 2+2 Program or a similar program designed for younger or somewhat unusual applicants. Since he can apply with his existing GRE score, he says “What the heck,” and applies, helping Harvard sprinkle some more diversity into its MBA class.

Not all GRE-taking applicants must look like this, but contrast this with the more “typical” business school applicant, who goes to a top-20 university, works for a prominent New York bank for two years, and is now ready to apply to business school. He has a great undergraduate transcript, impressive work history at a blue chip firm, essays that convincingly describe why an MBA has been in his plans for the last four years, and… a great GRE score? Why would someone like this not take the GMAT if he’s so serious about getting into a top MBA program? Is he hiding a bad GMAT score? Is he trying to “game the system” and take the GRE since he thins he can do better on it than on the GMAT?

Admissions officers’ minds are not quite swimming with so many conspiracy theories, but remember that your entire application does need to hang together as a whole. If anything jumps out as a big inconsistency vs. the rest of your business school application, that’s a chink in the armor as you try to get accepted ahead of literally thousands of other great applicants. If you’re serious about getting into a top-ten MBA program, stick with the GMAT, at least until the GRE is better proven in the graduate business educations space.

If you’re ready to get started with your own GMAT prep, take a look at the free resources available at Veritas Prep, including our free practice GMAT. Or, give us a call at (800) 925-7737 and speak with a GMAT expert today!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Veritas Prep!

Happy Holidays
All of us at Veritas Prep want to wish you a wonderful holiday season. For those of you rushing to get your applications done before the second-round deadlines take a look at our sample MBA essays to see some real-world examples of effective admissions essays.

If you’re still cramming on school research, take a look at Veritas Prep’s Annual Reports, 15 FREE guides to the world’s top business schools. Add, if you’re still cramming for the GMAT and want to get a lot of test prep done over the holiday break, we’ve got you covered with multiple online GMAT prep options.

Beyond that, enjoy some rest and relaxation, and enjoy a safe and wonderful holiday!

Best wishes,
The Veritas Prep Team

What Happens In Vegas… Gets You Into Business School?

Accelerated GMAT Course
For years, the Veritas Prep Intensive Course – 42 hours over 7 days covering our entire GMAT syllabus – has been a popular option for busy professionals who want to block out time to study for the exam. A contributing factor may well be that these courses take place in destination locales: New York City, Miami, London, Honolulu, and Dubai. It is only fitting, then, that we add one of the world’s favorite destinations to this list – that’s right, Veritas Prep is bringing its Intensive Course to Las Vegas!

The course format – classes meet from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., then 2 to 5 p.m. after a lunch break – allows energetic students to enjoy some of the famous Las Vegas nightlife, or spend some quality time in the evenings completing homework to discuss the next day.

By popular demand, the first installment of this course will take place from December 13 – 20, enabling anyone looking to “roll the dice” on a quick application for the second round to complete the course and schedule a test date for late December or early January.

What We’re Thankful For

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For whatever reason, there seems to be a little more emphasis on people pausing at Thanksgiving to truly consider what we’re thankful for this season. This is great news. While we all can get caught up in the stress of trying to get ahead at work or (if you’re reading this blog) trying to get into a world-class graduate school, it’s healthy to stop now and then and realize just how good most of us have it.

Whether you’re young or old, big or small, you probably have something in your life that makes you want to give thanks. Do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes to think about it before you enter a tryptophan-induced coma today.

Earlier this week my two-year-old daughter’s daycare lady asked her what she’s thankful for, and she answered, in the following order:
  1. Toys
  2. School
  3. Daddy
  4. Mommy

In my case, I’m just thankful that I made the list, although my wife was less thankful for coming in fourth. “Hey, you made the list!” I told her. She didn’t answer. I guess I’m thankful I didn’t end up sleeping on the couch.

Anyway, as a father I’m thankful for my healthy young family. And as a member of the Veritas Prep team, I’m thankful for the hundreds of amazing GMAT instructors and admissions consultants that we have all over the world. While I don’t get to see most of them very often, I know that they care about helping our GMAT students and admissions consulting clients as much as I do, and I’m thankful that they’re there to get the job done.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Five Things GMAC Wants You to Know About the GMAT

A couple of weeks ago we posted some key learnings from the GMAC Test Prep Summit in New York City. While we wanted to post the most GMAT-relevant information as quickly as possible, there were a few more insights that we picked up that we wanted to share here.

All of the information below was provided by GMAC’s Dr. Lawrence Rudner (pictured), the “brain behind the GMAT,” as we like to call him around the office. These insights give you an idea of how closely GMAC monitors the GMAT and the graduate management education space overall. These are the highlights, but there’s a lot more publicly available information available on

In the meantime, here are five more important things that you should know:

  • GMAC will stay aggressive in preventing cheating on the GMAT. From “secret shoppers” to software that evaluates other companies’ practice questions to find plagiarism, GMAC will continue to aggressively thwart cheaters or those who make money off of helping students cheat. Palm vein readers are its newest weapon in this fight, but its strongest weapon may be its lawyers.
  • … but is emphatic that cheating won’t actually help someone on the test. They rolled out some compelling numbers (based on modeling) that show that a student could only affect his score by less than 1% by knowing five questions on the real GMAT. This is a testament to how robust the test is — even with a few false positives, it can still accurately assess one’s level.
  • Full-time MBA programs are becoming more selective. In 2006, more than a quarter of schools had acceptance rates in the 40% – 49% range. In 2009, only about 12% schools accept that many applicants. Meanwhile, the percentage of schools that accept 20% – 29% of applicants has increased from 8% to about 18%. As more people apply to business school each year, schools can afford to get choosier.
  • More preparation yields better scores. Amazingly, nearly 1/3 of applicants spend three weeks or less preparing for the GMAT. Not surprisingly, the majority of those people score below 600 on the test. However, more than 60% of those students who prepare over 10 weeks or more score better than 600 on the GMAT. This is one reason why we offer the longest GMAT prep course of any major company.
  • Only 15% of GMAT takers have undergraduate business degrees. For any potential applicant who’s considering pursuing an MBA but thinks that it’s just for “business types,” it’s interesting to note that business major make up a small minority of the applicant pool. In fact, more than 50% of GMAT takers majored in sciences or humanities.

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