What is College Admissions Consulting?

Harvard UniversityIt seems that these days, everyone talks about admissions consulting, but what is college admissions consulting?

With school counselors’ caseloads at an all-time high and student needs going unmet, many students and families are turning to admissions consultants to provide them with the support they need through the college application process.

Admissions consultants are counselors, guides, coaches, and cheerleaders, all rolled into one. 

They can help you through every step of the application process and provide guidance through each of the application components.  Consultants can help you to stay on task and on track so that you can submit your college applications with confidence.  They help you organize your activities and accomplishments and then describe them in a manner that is succinct, yet informative.  They can help you brainstorm essay topics and then start to flush out those topics, usually working through several drafts of an essay with you.  In addition, consultants can help brainstorm supplemental essay topics and provide value in commenting on those particular short essays.  They can provide advice on extracurricular activities, volunteer opportunities, ways to increase your leadership potential, and how to spend your summer.  Parents, consultants should be transparent with you throughout the process so that you are clear on your child’s progress.

Veritas Prep college admissions consultants are individuals who graduated from the nation’s top colleges and have admissions experiences at those colleges.  This means that they are familiar with the admissions processes and so can provide effective advice on how to improve your candidacy.  They are also well-equipped to know exactly what the culture of the college they attended was so that they can help a student find the best fit college.

There are several things that admissions consultants should not do.  First, they should not write your essays.  Your personal statements should be a reflection and representation of you – not your consultant – and the voice should be yours.  While consultants can help brainstorm topics and flush out ideas, the writing should be yours alone.

Second, they should not support creating false statements to make your application sound better.  There’s a difference between making your accomplishments sound good versus making up accomplishments that sound good.  No good consultant will ever support fabricating items just for the sake of improving your application.

Finally, no good consultant should ever guarantee admissions into a specific university.  Consultants will do their best to help you achieve your dream schools, but the admissions decisions are made by the colleges and can be unpredictable.  A good consultant will be able to gauge the likelihood that you may or may not be accepted, but should not guarantee admissions.

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By Shay Davis