Top Writing Tips for the GRE

writing essayMost students who plan to take the Graduate Record Examination, or the GRE, know that the questions in the quantitative and verbal reasoning sections are in multiple-choice form. But there is one section on the test that requires students to write essays. Specifically, students must write an issue essay and an argument essay for the GRE writing section. Whether someone is confident about their essay-writing skills or needs a little review, there are several GRE writing tips that can prove helpful. Check out a few valuable writing tips to use on the analytical writing section of the GRE.

Create an Outline

A student who is anxious about finishing the analytical writing section of the GRE may be tempted to jump in and start writing immediately. However, it’s a smart idea to make an outline before beginning to write either essay. Creating an outline helps a student to include all of the necessary parts of an essay. Students should begin by thinking about a question: What is the essay going to prove? The answer to this question is the thesis statement. Next, the outline should list evidence or details that support the thesis statement. Students may want to use bullet points or dashes to separate each of the supporting details. It’s worth dedicating five minutes of test time to crafting a logical outline for each essay. It helps if a student can practice making simple outlines before test day arrives. This gives a student the opportunity to learn how to write a thorough outline in a short amount of time. Not surprisingly, the best GRE tips and tricks are the ones that help students develop a plan for their essay before putting pencil to paper.

Follow a Basic Essay Format

Five paragraphs is the typical format for each essay in the analytical writing section of the GRE. The first paragraph, or introduction, provides some background for the essay and ends with the thesis statement. Each of the next three paragraphs contains a supporting point and specific examples that back it up. The fifth paragraph is a short conclusion that restates the main point of the essay. By following this format, a student can craft a succinct, organized essay that doesn’t contain any extraneous material. After finishing an essay, students should always go back and check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. These types of errors can distract a test grader from the content of a student’s essay.

Study the Writing Prompt

One of the easiest GRE writing tips to follow is to take a close look at the writing prompt before starting the essay. It’s very useful to underline important parts of the writing prompt. This can help students to better understand what the prompt is asking. Similarly, when students are reading passages in the verbal reasoning section of the GRE, they should underline important points in each paragraph. These underlined sections can guide students in choosing the correct answer option for each multiple-choice question. Our instructors at Veritas Prep provide students with many GRE verbal reasoning tips and strategies that can contribute to a higher score on this section.

Use Specific Examples

When crafting an analytical writing assessment, one tip for students to keep in mind is to be specific when citing examples. Not surprisingly, a piece of supporting evidence is more convincing when a specific example is used. This example could be a student’s personal observation or experience or perhaps a fact from a well-known book, or the example may cite the experiences of a famous person. At Veritas Prep, our instructors help students learn how to develop and express their ideas in order to write effective essays for the GRE. We share GRE tips and tricks that show students how to approach various questions on the test to make them more manageable.

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