Getting to Know the GRE: What is Analytical Writing?

EssayThere are three sections included on the Graduate Record Examination, also known as the GRE. They are the verbal reasoning, quantitative, and analytical writing sections. Most students are familiar with the reading (verbal reasoning) and math (quantitative) sections of the test, but some students may be wondering: What is analytical writing?

In this section of the test, students are required to craft an argument essay as well as an issue essay based on a written prompt. At Veritas Prep, our team provides students with practical strategies on how to approach these essays, as well as what to include in them. In short, we give students the tools they need to tackle all sections of the GRE, including the analytical writing section. With help from Veritas Prep, any student can enjoy success on this section of the exam.

What is Analytical Writing?

A student who is skilled at analytical writing is able to clearly express an argument, as well as provide sufficient support for it. In order to become skillful at writing issue essays, a student must be able to anticipate the arguments of someone who holds an opposing viewpoint. More importantly, the student must know how to refute those arguments. Organization, clarity, and logic are all elements of a successful analytical essay.

The Analytical Writing Section on the Exam

The analytical writing section of the GRE requires students to write both an issue and an argument essay (PDF). The issue essay requires a student to take a side on a particular issue and offer evidence defending his or her point of view. The argument essay, on the other hand, requires students to evaluate the validity of the argument outlined in the prompt and then explain why the argument is or is not valid. Our talented instructors at Veritas Prep provide valuable tips to students on how to approach and plan out each type of essay. Students who take GRE prep courses with us learn how to create an effective essay regardless of the topic. Our instructors know that GRE graders don’t focus on a student’s point of view on a particular issue. Instead, they focus on how well a student expresses his or her ideas.

How to Practice for the Analytical Writing Section

Choosing a prompt and writing a practice essay is one of the best ways for students to improve their skills in analytical writing. GRE practice essays can also help students learn how to craft a convincing essay within the 30 minutes they are given on test day. Students working with Veritas Prep instructors can have their practice essays critiqued by the experts. Our instructors offer practical advice to students on how to improve on the weak areas of an essay. Students who work with our tutors learn essay-writing strategies that effectively prepare them for the analytical writing section of the GRE. Analytical writing tips and techniques give students the confidence they need to write essays that will truly impress the test graders.

Utilize High-Scoring Essays

It’s very helpful for students to read successful essays written by other students. This gives them a good idea of what GRE graders are looking for. Our professional instructors go over sample essays with students in order to point out the specific elements that contributed to an essay’s high score. So, when a student writes a practice essay, he or she knows what to include and what to leave out. When it comes to the GRE, analytical writing tips are only valuable when they come from individuals who’ve mastered the test.

Read Articles to Prep for the Analytical Writing Section

Reading various articles in newspapers and magazines can also be helpful to a student who is practicing for the section on analytical writing. GRE essay prompts sometimes feature current issues. A student who reads well-written editorials in the newspaper is able to see all of the elements required to create a convincing argument. Also, a student can absorb how writers present evidence to defend a particular point of view on a controversial issue.

Students who take our GRE prep classes benefit from working with experienced instructors and first-rate study resources. Our tutors are experts at providing the support and encouragement a student needs to be successful on the test. Contact our offices today to ask about our online courses and get the advantage over your peers on the GRE!

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