Laughter is the Best Medicine When You’re Agonizing Over the GMAT

Steven Wright is a comedian known for his deadpan delivery, and, it turns out, has a lot to say – in his dry, paraprosdokian way – about the logic of the GMAT.  Never ones to let insight go to waste, we can (somewhat, perhaps) better understand the GMAT with his Wit and Wisdom:

Suddenly the chances of scoring in a top percentile don’t seem so bad.

If it comes to this … at least we won’t panic.

I knew 10 easy questions in a row seemed too good to be true…

So that’s where they’re hiding it.

What can we infer here?  Not all, but at least Some.

And, the GMAT is a better choice than the LSAT, perhaps. Better take plenty of practice tests.

And, thanks to GMAC’s new score-cancellation policy…. You mean I can now cancel my score after seeing it?

Those who struggle with the GMAT often fall into two camps – those who take it too seriously and those who don’t take it seriously enough – each a kind of evil.  If this sounds like you, take another tip from Mr. Wright: “if you must choose between two evils, pick the one you’ve never tried before.”

So remember these bits of wit, as unconventional as they seem, when studying for your GMAT.  Though they sound like cynical one-liners and wry observations, ironically they speak to a set of truths.  Truths that can work in your favor come game day.  Not that you should take them too seriously.

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Joseph Dise has been teaching GMAT preparation for Veritas Prep for the last 6 years in Paris, New Brunswick, and New York City.