School Profile: Create Your Dream Education at Middlebury College

Middlebury College is a small liberal arts college located in Middlebury, Vermont.  It is currently ranked #19 on the Veritas Prep Elite College Rankings. This is a top tier college for liberal arts and was founded in 1800; it’s known for international studies and leadership in language instruction. Students can choose from among 44 majors with over 850 courses.

Located between the gorgeous Green Mountains on the east and the Adirondacks on the west students will not only be inspired on a daily basis, but also have a natural research lab that surrounds them. The class sizes are kept small, usually around fifteen people, so students get an intimate educational experience. Middlebury is known for on-campus environmental initiatives as well as focusing on environmental issues around the world. Students who attend this college are expected to leave as leaders who are ethical and thoughtful.

Champlain Valley is known as the heart of Vermont and is also home to the student residences for those who attend Middlebury. They offer a variety of living options and strive to make their students feel safe and comfortable, ensuring that friendships are built and nurtured. There are a multitude of student activities and groups that students can participate in or be a part of. If you can’t find the organization you’re looking for among the 150 currently offered, feel free to create one of your own with the support of the Student Activities Team. Due to the expansive and rich outdoors, there are a wide variety of outdoor activities offered on campus from kayaking to winter camping. Campus life at Middlebury is all about enjoying the great outdoors, exploring and appreciating diversity, and building a strong community.

The academic program at Middlebury is designed to give each student a deep understanding of their defined major while also developing them into well-rounded individuals in various disciplines. The college places an emphasis on writing, which helps students to develop critical thinking while pursuing the requirements that give them a diverse education. At Middlebury students have a large amount of freedom to create their individual academic path due to the wide range of academic choices offered to them. There are a vast number of educational programs from study abroad to writing programs; at this college students really can create their dream education plans.

At Middlebury there are 30 NCAA varsity teams; more than 25% of the students play on one of the varsity teams. Middlebury has won countless National Championships in several of the different sports teams, from hockey to soccer. The campus has state-of-the-art facilities, including a golf course. There are off campus locations such as the Bread Loaf Mountain campus that serves as a ski touring center among other things. Middlebury does not just have excellent varsity sports teams, but is also committed to give all their students an opportunity to pursue good health by utilizing excellent gym equipment and engaging in many lifetime sports activities. Students are able to participate in the intramural programs and club sports programs that offer a wide range of recreational athletic activities.

Middlebury College started out as a small New England college built by a group of young men, and originally used to train young men in ministry and other related professions. A modest seven students attended this college the first year it was opened. It has know grown into a world renowned institute for liberal arts. This college is rich in history and tradition. The “Hunt” is a massive scavenger hunt in January and a favorite tradition to many. Students get personal with Senior Crush lists that display the seniors’ crushes from freshman year to senior year before they leave to join the real world. There are many more Middlebury traditions all year long; attending this college will allow you to participate in the fun.

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By Colleen Hill