3 Ways to Get Into the Stanford GSB MSx Program

The Stanford MSx program, previously known as the Stanford Sloan Master’s Program, is the one-year, full time Masters of Science program for experienced professionals.  Ok, so the program is not really new, but is experiencing a huge uptick in interest from business school applicants.

Stanford’s traditional MBA program is the only one in the world with an acceptance rate and average work experience both in the single digits; so experienced applicants have started flocking to this alternative option in droves.  Make no mistake, though, “alternative” does not mean “easy!”

The program consists of only 83 fellows, with an average GMAT of 700 and a minimum work experience requirement of 8 years.

How do you get in?  You must focus on 3 core things.

1.  Career Goals

First, your career goals must be clear and well-articulated.  This is not the place to “find yourself.”  What is your specific focus, and how will the MSx program help you get there?

2.  Leadership

Second, your entire application must send a message that you are an accomplished manager and leader, as opposed to merely a person who has put time in to his career.  It isn’t enough to merely say that you are experienced and successful manager, you have to show or prove it to them.  How?  Your resume! Your recommendation letters! Your extracurricular activities!  See the pattern?  Show them; don’t just tell them.

3.  Value

Finally, prove to them that you will add something wonderful to their program. They want to ensure that the Master Black Belt from GE enriches the experience of the M&A Tax Manager from Cisco. Remember, they only have 83 spots.  The more you can add to your classmates’ experience, the more they will have to admit you.  Make sense?

At the end of the day, you want something from the program, and they want something from you.  Tell them what you want, and what you will offer in return!  Good luck!

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By Richard Vincent