School Profile: The Path of Enrichment at Williams College

Williams College is on a quaint campus in Williamstown, Massachusetts and is ranked #16 on the Veritas Prep Elite College list. This liberal arts college has just under 2,200 students enrolled, primarily. With a focus on humanities and smaller class sizes, this is an ideal school for students looking for a more intimate and personalized education. The mission of Williams College is to not only help their students succeed, but to help them thrive; many services and programs throughout the campus achieve just that.

The faculty and staff at Williams College want their students to be well-rounded and exceptional additions to the world after completing their studies. This is done through their comprehensive academic curriculum and extensive educational assistance programs. Every student has a major but instead of minors they offer concentrations. These are compilations of specific topics pulled from an assortment of disciplines and departments.

There are no required courses at Williams; however, each student must take three humanities, social sciences, and science and math classes, two intensive writing courses, and one class on reasoning both mathematically and abstractly. The same goes with languages; they are not required courses, but students must enroll in at least one diversity study course. Grad-style research opportunities, overseas learning options, and specialty programs are offered at Williams to create highly developed students.

The campus life at Williams College is unique and designed to bring students, staff, and faculty together as a tight-knit community. Campus housing is split into four neighborhoods, Currier, Dodd, Spencer, and Wood; within each neighborhood are five to six different residences. There are three dining halls, two snack bars, a grab and go lunch program, and vending and catering operations on campus.

Among the luxuries that the campus provides are programs to enlighten students in self-discovery. The programs were developed to give students an understanding of and appreciation for their individuality. The Career Center is another place for students to hone in on their goals for the future with an exceptionally designed three step process. Campus life at Williams is all about enrichment, making sure each student is confident and comfortable in all aspects of life.

Williams College is an NCAA Division III school and part of the New England Small College Athletic Conference. There are 32 men’s and women’s varsity teams as well as junior varsity, club, and intramural teams. This campus also has physical education classes and fitness classes that have access to their state of the art facilities. Williams College is devoted to the health and fitness of their students; they require all students to earn four physical education credits as well as pass a swim test. More than 60 percent of the campus population participates in one of the athletic options, including faculty.

Ephraim Williams founded this college in 1793. Originally a men’s college, more than half of the student population is now female. Diversity and forward thinking are the foundations of this school filled with unique traditions. Students, faculty, family, and friends can all participate in eight hour trivia nights after every semester. The event is hosted by the college radio station, and all are put to the test with a crazy mixture of trivia while simultaneously performing tasks and identifying songs. This tradition has been around since 1966 entertaining the masses after grueling semesters. An even cooler event is Mountain Day, the annual canceling of classes on a random Friday in October by the President of the college, where students enjoy donuts, hot cider, and the sounds of a cappella groups. This college caters to students who want a well rounded college experience.

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By Colleen Hill