School Profile: Amherst College Might Be the School for You

When it comes to getting a good education students are not only looking for the perfect school, but also the best school for their budget. That is exactly what sets Amherst College, ranked 8th by Veritas Prep, apart from other elite colleges; they utilize a need-blind admission policy. This simply put means the student’s family’s financial situation bears little importance for admission to their college.

This forward thinking college has been around since 1821, praised by The Chronicle of Higher Education as “the best of the best” when it comes to offering low income students with exceptional talents a chance to prosper at a top notch college. They consistently show understanding and support to those who may not have the same opportunities for higher education.

The average financial package provided this past year to students attending Amherst College was $44,888. This is due to their firm financial aid belief and practice of funding “100% of the demonstrated financial need to all admitted students.” More than half of their student body was given extensive financial aid utilizing organizations like QuestBridge, who cater to low income students that are highly accomplished. They also support a “no-loan policy,” which means if students need financial assistance they are not required to apply for loans. Amherst meets students’ financial needs whether they need a small percentage or the entire tuition.

Amherst goes out of their way to offer their students generous scholarships that allow them to graduate debt free with the “no-loan policy.” Although the school is generous in its financial aid packages it’s equally discerning in its student application process. The average SAT score is 2135, average ACT score 32, and the acceptance rate is 13%. There were more than 8,000 applicants in 2013 with a little over 1,100 gaining admittance. This school is designed for highly talented and motivated individuals who demonstrate elite educational prowess.

Amherst College promotes a diverse student population; more than forty countries are represented within the 1,700 students that attend. Not only are the students and faculty diverse, but so are the fields of study. They offer thirty seven different bachelor programs. They also offer a unique college dynamic with the consortium of five colleges that include, Amherst, Smith, Mount, Holyoke, and Hampshire colleges. This approach gives students a wide range of classes and enriches their social and extracurricular lives. Amherst offers over 100 different student organizations from activism and community service to student newspapers and a radio station; students can find a place to showcase their talents.

At Amherst College newcomers will be among some of the top students in the country being taught by exceptional professors. This school has some of the most prominent alumni in the country, President Calvin Coolidge, Pulitzer Prize winners, and Nobel Laureates among others. They back up their tough admission standards with financial aid assistance that exceeds most colleges and universities.

Students live on campus all four years and graduate with a top notch education with little to no debt. This progressive college is also taking bold steps in the “going green” movement. They are doing this by reshaping their designs, and focusing on how they build, maintain, and operate their facilities. Amherst takes care of their students, faculty, and the environment, proving they stand by their motto Terras Irradient – let them give light to the world.

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