Introducing the Veritas Prep Elite College Rankings!

Is there a more popular starting point for school research than college rankings? There’s certainly no shortage of rankings available, but many of them end up being large data dumps that are ultimately unhelpful. Still others, in an attempt to stand out from the crowd, rank universities on obscure criteria, such as cafeteria food, Greek life, or ease of parking a car… All good things to know, but would you really base such a huge decision on criteria like that. (If you’re about to say “Yes,” then we recommend that you talk to a college admissions expert ASAP!)

The problem is that there are few publications that are willing to stick their necks out and say “These are the schools that matter most,” and we’re proud to introduce the Veritas Prep Elite College Rankings to address this problem. We’ve worked with the data and rankings experts at FindTheBest to identify the criteria that matter most, and have applied them the the most prestigious colleges and universities across the United States.

There are two things to know about our college rankings:

  • We have deliberately put every type of institution on this list. No separate lists for public universities vs. small liberal arts colleges vs. military academies. We have put all schools on one list to make comparisons easiest for you.
  • We have NOT set out to rank every school in America. In fact, only 61 schools made the cut and are included in our rankings.

When we say, “made the cut,” we mean that these are the schools that met a minimum score threshold in our own ranking system. Veritas Prep has ranked the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities using a proprietary formula that factors in each school’s standardized test scores, acceptance rates, rankings in major publications, and other importance criteria. Our own weightings for these factors are unique in the industry, and provide a great starting point for researching the most competitive schools in America.

As always, these college rankings are a great place to start your research, but they’re not the beginning and end of your school search. We recommend using this list as a starting point for getting to know the most selective colleges and universities in the country. If a school is on this list, it’s safe to say that we think it’s terrific, and that you should spend some time getting to know it.

Take a look at our new college rankings and let us know what you think!

Are you targeting the kinds of elite schools that make up our college rankings? Our experienced college admissions consultants will work with you to find the schools that best fit you, help you apply, and maximize your chances of landing a significant financial aid package. And, be sure to find us on Facebook and Google+, and follow us on Twitter!

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