Top 3 MBA Programs for a Nonprofit Emphasis

Should there be a heaven and you’re hoping for a way in, a good place to start is to work in the nonprofit sector because you’re doing thankless work, you’re not motivated by salary and everyone hugs and recycles.  No, those are all myths – well, hopefully everyone hugs from time to time.

In reality, nonprofits are influential, competitive, high-stake organizations with an important mission and a need to hire top talent leaders.  Business schools are responding by offering additional curriculum and monetary resources to MBA candidates interested in making a positive impact on society through nonprofit work and leadership.

If you’re interested in the nonprofit sector here are a few top-tier MBA programs to definitely consider:

Yale School of Management

Yale SOM is known for its nonprofit expertise and is consistently ranked as the top MBA program for nonprofit.  SOM offers a nonprofit management concentration as well as several joint degrees like JD/MBA and MBA/MA in International Relations that are quite popular for candidates intending to have leadership careers in nonprofit organizations.

Additionally, The Yale School of Management Loan Forgiveness Program is available for students interested in working in nonprofit or government positions.  This program served as a model for loan forgiveness programs at other business schools.  Programs like these can be quite enticing since nonprofit salaries can be 30% less than those in private industry.

Harvard Business School

Is there a top-anything MBA list that HBS is not on?  Probably not.  So if you plan on changing the world then why not learn how to at the best business school in the world.  HBS exposes all MBA candidates to The Social Enterprise Initiative by incorporating social enterprise cases and topics into the first year Required Curriculum.

For those do-gooders needing funds, the Horace W. Goldsmith Fellowship awards $10,000 to 7-10 first year students who have demonstrated leadership and proven commitment to the nonprofit sector.  There are also dozens of nonprofit-geared campus activities, clubs and events that provide opportunities for networking, career development and community engagement.

UC Berkeley – Haas School of Business

Haas combines its entrepreneurial prowess with Berkeley’s deed-seated call to action agenda to create a uniqe and effective MBA experience for those interested in improving and advancing society through nonprofit work.  Haas’ Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership provides MBA students with an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to make significant social impacts through innovation and collaboration.  Specifically designed courses include Social entrepreneurship and social impact, Nonprofit consulting and Strategic management of nonprofits.

Haas also provides ways to make a positive impact during the MBA program including The Education Leadership Case Competition and The Global Social Venture Competition, founded by Haas MBA students, that includes a $50,000 funding prize.

Of course the highlight of any nonprofit career is being able to understand and contribute to the “When You Work at a Nonprofit” Tumblr:

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