Now Everyone Can Get Veritas Prep's GMAT Practice Tests!

GMAT Practice TestsHere at Veritas Prep HQ, one of the questions we get most often is, “Can I just buy your GMAT practice tests?” For the first 11 years of our existence, the answer had been, “Sorry, no.” Well, guess what… You can now buy access to five of Veritas Prep’s GMAT practice tests for just $49!

This past May we unveiled our all-new GMAT practice test, built using the same Item Response Theory (IRT) that is behind the Official GMAT. In May we released one free practice test for everyone (replacing the one we had always offered), and announced that these new tests would be available to all Veritas Prep GMAT course students.

Now, we’re going one step further and making our computer-adaptive GMAT practice tests available to everyone! Anyone can still try one free and see how our GMAT practice tests have become some of the most realistic and accurate tests in the industry. After you have tried one, you can buy 5 more for $49, giving you access to six tests total!

Our GMAT prep course students still get 15 GMAT practice tests, including these six exams. For everyone, we’ve just rolled out an entirely new interface and detailed new diagnostic information and features, including:

  • Information on pacing, showing you how you stack up vs. everyone else and identifying tests where you ran out of time because of pacing issues.
  • The easiest questions that you got wrong, as well as the hardest questions that you got right.
  • Score balance: If you seem to be putting too much effort into Quant and not enough into Verbal (or vice versa), the system will let you know.
  • Question flagging: If you know you want to come back to a question later, you can flag it with one click to makeit easy to come back to!

Click here to get five of the most realistic GMAT practice tests in the industry for just $49. Or, go here and learn more about our GMAT practice tests first.

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By Scott Shrum

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  1. James says:

    Question regarding the practice tests. Is there a reason why the Veritas Practice tests seem easier than the Manhattan GMAT tests? I have taken both, and I seem to perform better on the Veritas tests than the Manhattan Gmat tests on both verbal and Quant. Also I do not have a timing issue when i take the veritas practice tests.

    • Brian says:

      Yes – and we’re glad you asked. Our tests are administered and scored using Item Response Theory, the same system that underlies the official GMAT. So our emphasis is on authenticity and accuracy – we want our tests to mimic the official test as closely as possible in terms of scoring and experience, and that IRT system has allowed us to do it closer than we even thought.

      Our old tests were closer to Manhattan’s in at least some ways – I can’t speak to their corporate philosophy directly, but I know that we were of the mind before we had access to IRT that “if we’re going to have a decent margin of error, let’s err on being more difficult than the actual test than being less difficult”. People will forgive you if you get 650s on their practice tests and a 720 overall, but it’s more frustrating if you get 700+ scores over and over and then score 640. So a lot of the third-party tests out there, from what I’ve seen, employ that philosophy – turn the scoring down a bit and hit people with hard questions so that at the very least you’re encouraging them to study harder, and when they end up with a higher score on the real thing they’ll thank you for it.

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