Don’t Wait to Prepare for Your Entrance Exams!

When you’re applying to college, doing well on your placement tests is essential. The SAT’s, PSAT’s and ACT exams offer you a chance to show colleges that you test well. This is extremely important to schools as they decide whether you would be a good fit with their institution.

You’ve likely heard your parents or guardians advising you not to cram for tests while you were in high school. This is certainly good advice that you should also follow when you’re preparing to take the SAT, PSAT or Act exam.

However, many students rush through preparing for their placement test. Cramming for your SAT is a poor way to prepare for the examination. Just as when you are in school, cramming for entrance exams is counterproductive.

One of the problems with cramming for the SAT is that the information you learn will likely be forgotten within a few days. Poor study habits also lead to more anxiety and lower scores. Not taking time to properly study for these tests is a poor habit to adopt as you begin your time in a competitive college environment.

If you do not already have effective study habits, preparing for your SAT’s are a good place to start. College will require you to do a lot more reading and studying that you were used to in high school. If you fall behind in college, it will be a tremendous task to try to catch up again. Practicing good study habits leading up to college can set you on your way through your university career.

By beginning your preparations well in advance, you will be able to shorten your individual study sessions, increasing your retention of the material. This will increase your retention rate for the material you are trying to absorb. It can also help prevent frustration. Best of all, by spreading studying out over a period of several days, the amount of total time needed will be reduced.

One of the best advantages to studying well before exam day is that you will be able to get a full night of sleep before the test. Being well-rested can help you reach a higher score on the exam. Not only does getting more sleep mean that you will likely get better grades, but it is also better for your health and well-being. By getting enough rest, you will also look and feel better. This in itself can help you on your SAT’s or PSAT’s.

The advantages of preparing before an exam have been scientifically proven. A study published in the journal Science showed higher scores among people who properly studied for exams compared to those who crammed for the tests.

Begin studying for your entrance exams as early as possible.

Don’t try to take in too much information at one time. Rather, spread your studying out over as many days as possible. When you are ready to take your exam, you will be able to go into it feeling ready, rested and roaring to go.

A guest post by Bobby Touran – Founder of ApplyKit. ApplyKit helps students manage their entire college application process and also provides key resources to help them excel every step of the way. Visit for a free account today!