U.S. News College Rankings for 2014

US News College RankingsU.S. News has just released its ranking of top American colleges an universities for 2014. (It’s like model years on cars… Next year, in 2014, they will release the 2015 rankings.) There has been some movement, though not a lot of it, among the top 25 schools. Although this happens every year, we got a chuckle from each of these “top 25” lists, neither of which is actually 25 schools long. We guess it’s just hard to choose sometimes.

Without further ado, here are The U.S. News national university and liberal arts college rankings for 2014, published in September, 2013:

Top National University Rankings
1. Princeton University
2. Harvard University
3. Yale University
4. Columbia University
5. Stanford University
5. University of Chicago
7. Duke University
7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
7. University of Pennsylvania
10. California Institute of Technology
10. Dartmouth College
12. Johns Hopkins University
12. Northwestern University
14. Brown University
14. Washington University in St, Louis
16. Cornell University
17. Vanderbilt University
18. Rice University
18. University of Notre Dame
20. Emory University
20. Georgetown University
20. University of California – Berkeley
23. Carnegie Mellon University
23. University of California – Los Angeles
23. University of Southern California
23. University of Virginia
23. Wake Forest University

Yes, if you’ve been counting along, you know that’s actually 27 universities in the “top 25,” if you were counting along. Next, let’s take a look at the top American liberal arts colleges per U.S. News:

Top National Liberal Arts College Rankings
1. Williams College
2. Amherst College
3. Swarthmore College
4. Bowdoin College
4. Middlebury College
4. Pomona College
7. Carleton College
7. Wellesley College
9. Claremont McKenna College
9. Davidson College
9. Haverford College
12. United States Naval Academy
13. Vassar College
14. Hamilton College
14. Washington and Lee University
16. Harvey Mudd College
17. Grinnell College
17. United States Miliary Academy
17. Wesleyan University
20. Colgate University
20. Smith College
22. Bates College
22. Colby College
24. Macalester College
25. College of the Holy Cross
25. Oberlin College
25. Scripps College
25. United States Air Force Academy
25. University of Richmond

Yup, that’s actually 29 college in the “top 25.” We’re sure the last few schools to sneak into the top 25 list are as grateful as can be about this.

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By Scott Shrum