5 Smartphone Apps to Help You with SAT Prep

In addition to studying from books like the Official SAT Guide or Veritas Prep’s SAT 2400, and logging some hours with your SAT teacher or tutor, it’s amazing how much SAT knowledge you can absorb from your Android or iPhone device! With these rockin’ apps, you can organize your study and keep it going while waiting for the bus or hanging out in between classes.

Veritas Prep SAT – Of course this application should be the first you look at! Study vocabulary from your Veritas Prep Course from the comfort of your handheld device. There are quizzes to help you study and games to challenge your friends!

iHomework – I love this application for help with overall SAT study-plan management. Buttons include Courses, Teachers, Reminders, and Reading assignments and it has a clean Mac interface.  Use it as a planner for school to keep track of your assignments and obligations, and then add your SAT study plan in as well! Now your test prep can merge with your school assignments, so there is no need to juggle both separately.

Free Wi-Fi finder – Need a place to study online after school? Use this app from your phone to find coffeehouses and restaurants with free internet in your area. Plus, it’s not just limited to finding free connections, because you might need a connection ASAP. To see only the free connections, just hit the “Free Only” button. Sometimes it’s nice to study for the SAT away from your bedroom or local library.

Wordbook English Dictionary and Thesaurus – Lookup definitions to harder Sentence Completion vocabulary and find synonyms to improve the syntax of you SAT Essay! No more lugging around a full dictionary or thesaurus.

Watermelon Express SAT Connect – This relatively new app isn’t free, but for $9.99 you get access to over 600 practice questions. If you’re aiming for a 2100+ score and you’ve exhausted more traditional resources, you might want to splurge for the extra help.

Don’t forget to also make use of the SAT study materials at College Board’s website.  The SAT testmakers definitely do their best to help students with practice tests, daily e-mails, etc. which work great in tandem with these apps and your study-books. The more resources you have at your disposal, the better!

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Vivian Kerr is a regular contributor to the Veritas Prep blog, providing advice to help students better prepare for the GMAT and the SAT.