School Profile: The University of Southern California

Last week, we kicked off our school profile series by hearing about The University of Michigan’s great food, academics, and athletics. Today, we’ll take a closer look at The University of Southern California (USC) and find out what to see on campus and where to eat while you’re visiting! We asked our Director of College Prep, Jason Sun, what he thinks about his alma mater.

1.       What is one thing you should see on campus?

There are a few places I recommend visiting on campus. Get to the roof of a tall building like WPH and you’ll get a sweet view of the entire campus and downtown LA!  You definitely have to get your picture taken with Tommy Trojan too. The new film school is pretty sweet if you’d like to take a walk around there.

2.       What made you choose this school?

Well it was the only school I got into, so…But in hindsight, it was a good choice because they were on the up and up in the early 2000’s and giving away scholarships to some students to boost their rankings.  They gave me a ¼ scholarship so that saved me some money (not much since they’re expensive).  However, now they’re much more competitive than before and the Trojan network at USC is one of the strongest of all the top universities!

3.       What is your favorite spot to eat off campus?

There are a ton of options within walking distance now.  We have a Chipotle, Chik Fil-a, Freebird’s and several other college staples.  However, if you go off-campus you can take the dash train to LA Live and eat at some pretty fancy places like Fleming’s, Yard House, The Farm of Beverly Hills, and Trader Vic’s.  Also, all the USC students love this Mexican place called El Cholo’s because it’s cheap and delicious!  They also opened a location in downtown recently that’s very popular.

4.       What else should a visiting student know about your school?

You HAVE to go to the football games.  The USC football scene is one of the best in the country!  I’m pretty sure people know that already though.  For the more academically inclined, USC has some pretty cool science/engineering resources as well.  With a $100 million donation from Viterbi, the new engineering school is one of the best in the country.  They have labs with some of the most advanced equipment including a rocket propulsion laboratory and a materials science lab with a laser.  A freakin’ laser!  When my grad school friends run experiments in the lab, before firing the laser, they’ll say “Fire the laser!” (said in a Dr. Evil voice)

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