Forbes Magazine Releases Top 25 Public Colleges List

As part of its annual ranking of colleges, Forbes released its list of the top 25 public colleges in America – a list that holds particular significance here at Veritas Prep headquarters with so many staffers’ alma maters making the list. Why is this list important for you? If you happen to have access to one of these schools with free or government-sponsored tuition rates – as an appointee to a military academy or as an in-state student to another school on the list – you’re eligible to receive an elite education at a massive discount. And even independent of a discount, these schools rank among the best available anywhere. Without further ado, the list:

1. West Point
2. UC-Berkeley
3. US Naval Academy
4. Virginia
5. Michigan
6. Air Force Academy
8. North Carolina
9. William & Mary
10. Illinois
11. Washington
12. Texas
13. Wisconsin
14. Maryland
15. Florida
16. Georgia Tech
17. Virginia Military Academy
18. Georgia
19. Penn State
20. Coast Guard Academy
21. UC-Santa Barbara
22. Indiana
23. UC-Davis
24. Colorado
25. Purdue

Now let’s take a look at some noticeable trends:

1) Military academies rank high. And naturally so – they provide great educations and guaranteed employment, and all essentially for free.

2) If you live in California, Virginia, Georgia, or Indiana, you’re in luck. Each of those states has multiple public schools on the list.

3) The Big Ten is well-represented. Particularly now that Maryland is in the conference – 7 Big Ten schools made the list, the most of any one athletic conference.

4) There are plenty of opportunities for an elite education. Some of these schools are huge – Berkeley, Michigan, UCLA, Illinois, Texas, and others have enrollments well over 30,000 students. Elite education is out there…but there’s plenty of competition for it, too.

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