Take a Close Look at Your Round 3 MBA Applications

So you are late in the game, and you want to apply for Round 3 deadlines….   What have you got to lose other than a couple hundred dollars and some hours of your time, right?  WRONG.   Think carefully before applying and this doesn’t just apply to the last round, but all rounds of application deadlines.

If you think you can just wing it and then re-apply next year if you don’t get in, think again.  Most Admissions Committees will see your previous application (so if you have done a poor job on it, it’ll still be visible the next time around), and some schools (such as UCLA) don’t allow the entire application to be resubmitted – only a supplemental essay and recommendation – so you won’t have an opportunity to redo all the other essays. Spend time on creating your applications, and put thought into your essays no matter what round you’re applying. You may not be able to go back and re-visit parts of your application if you apply again next year.

Additionally, if you don’t get in during the last round, and you get on top of things and apply in the first round of the following admissions cycle, not a lot of time has gone by.  You’ll need to consider how much you can really improve your application in this short period of time to give yourself an improved chance of applying, as almost all schools require re-applicants to provide an update on their candidacy.  If you’re expecting to take on new responsibilities, or you foresee a big change at work that will affect your application, take that into consideration. If you’re in a rush to get applications in during Round 3, and not a lot is going to change in the next few months, consider putting more time and effort into Round 1 of the next cycle.

Still not sure what to do?  Contact Veritas Prep Admissions Consulting and we will be happy to help provide guidance.  And if you decide not to apply in the last round, we’ll keep working with you through the summer and into the next recruiting season to ensure you are in tip-top shape!

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Nita Losoponkul, a Veritas Prep head consultant for UCLA, received her undergraduate degree in Engineering from Caltech and went from engineering to operations to global marketing to education management/non-profit. Her non-traditional background allows her to advise students from many areas of study. She has successfully helped low GPA students get admitted into UCLA.