Veritas Prep GMAT Question Bank… Now with Integrated Reasoning!

Last month we created a bit of a splash when we launched the Veritas Prep GMAT Question Bank, an entirely source of hundreds of realistic GMAT questions that allows you to practice with any number of questions, review your accuracy vs. that of other students, and even track your pacing vs. worldwide averages. In less than a month, thousands of students have logged tens of thousands of responses in the Question Bank. We’re swimming in data!

When we launched, we said, “We will add Integrated Reasoning shortly,” and now we make good on that promise. On Friday we turned on the ability for students to select and answer dozens of Integrated Reasoning problems. Students can then review their results, see a detailed solution for each problem, and use the feedback to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses.

When the GMAT Question Bank first launched, the most common question we received was, “What’s the catch?” There is still no catch… We have no plans to charge for this tool, and we will never share or sell your information to anyone else.

These days, the second-most common question we receive is, “Exactly how many questions are in the GMAT Question Bank?” The answer to this is really, “It depends.” Since we launched the tool, we have already added dozens of new questions and retired some others. Why retire questions? If we have already collected enough data on an individual question, and we determine it to be worthy of our 15 computer-adaptive GMAT practice tests (the most in the industry), then we may remove it from the Question Bank and add it to our tests.

Or, we may see the data and decide that it’s not a very good question, and decide to remove it from rotation. We’re committed to only giving students accurate, fair, realistic sample GMAT questions, and if we decide that a question doesn’t meet these criteria, then we’ll remove it from the system. But, have no fear… We’re also adding new questions all the time!

Want to try it for yourself? Visit the Veritas Prep GMAT Question Bank, register, and get started!

By Brian Galvin