Why I Chose to Attend Wharton

Wharton Admissions GuideToday we feature a guest post from Veritas Prep MBA admissions consultant Lauren Thaler. Lauren received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brown University and started working for The Advisory Board Company in Washington D.C. shortly after graduation. She worked in Business Development, Account Management and Marketing, and Business Intelligence Delivery. After a few years she decided to go to Wharton to pursue her MBA, and has since worked with dozens of business school applicants and founded her own business, Punchwell Press.

The day I returned home from Wharton Welcome Weekend, I put down my deposit at a different school.

There just wasn’t a wow factor for me when I visited Wharton’s admitted students event. I didn’t establish instant friendships with fellow admits, and Huntsman Hall overwhelmed me with its throngs of grad and undergrad students moving from here to there with such purpose. Furthermore, nothing stood out as unique during my visit.

A couple days later, my professional mentor called me to say that I was making a big mistake. You should choose Wharton, he told me, because you want to know the people who Wharton chooses. An MBA education lasts two years, but your network of classmates lasts a lifetime, he said. We talked a little about the particulars — the core curriculum, the learning team experience, extracurricular opportunities, Pub, etc. But the truth is that I was sold the moment I learned the reason for his call.

I was almost five years younger than I am now, and with age and experience, come a more powerful and assertive sense of self and conviction. But at that time, my mentor didn’t need to sell me because I believed that he knew better than I did. The truth is that I went to Wharton because he said that I should.

Today, while I am more self-assured, I continue to seek the help of others, and now have access to the trusted recommendations of my Wharton classmates. I believe that my Wharton network is the reason why I had the courage and ability to quit two jobs and launch my own company. The support of my Wharton network helped me endure the greatest personal challenge I have ever confronted, my mother’s cancer diagnosis and subsequent death, which occurred during my two years in school.

My network is made up of devoted friends, compassionate classmates, and brilliant professional advisors. They put others first before thinking about their own needs. They are amazing listeners, contributors and teammates. They are the people Wharton chooses. They are the reason I went to Wharton.

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