Introducing the Veritas Prep GMAT Question Bank!

Part of delivering the world’s best GMAT prep course is offering the best tools and resources for our students. For the past ten years we have offered more GMAT practice tests than any other major GMAT preparation provider in the world (15 tests, to be exact). But practice tests are not a “set it and forget it” affair… The real GMAT constantly evolves, adds new questions, retires others, and (as as the case in June, with Integrated Reasoning) even introduces entirely new question formats. So no company can sit back and let its practice tests collect dust — if the tests aren’t changing, then they’re not the best in the business.

As part of our ongoing commitment to build, maintain, and refine the best computer-adaptive GMAT practice tests available anywhere, earlier this month we launched our new GMAT Question Bank. This new resource contains hundreds of realistic, completely free GMAT practice questions.

The reaction in some of the big GMAT-focused online communities has been extremely positive so far (thank you!), but the one question that keeps coming up is, “What’s the catch? When will you start charging for this?” (Okay, that’s two questions.) The answers are:

  • There is no catch.
  • We currently have no plans to charge for the GMAT Question Bank.

So what’s the deal? We’ve created this tool and opened it up to everyone so that we can collect loads of data on our questions. We’ll use the data we collect to measure and refine our questions, which will then go into new generations of our GMAT practice tests. In effect, by answering these questions, you’re helping our system learn about the questions — which ones are easy, which ones are hard, which ones are confusing and need to be refined, etc. The system is also learning about each user (this is one reason why the system asks you to create an account and log in)… It’s an iterative process that helps it measure users by seeing how they did on certain questions, and it assesses those questions by seeing how well certain users performed on those questions.

At the same time, you’re learning, too. The Veritas Prep GMAT Question Bank not only contains hundreds of GMAT problems, but it also contains a complete solution for each problem. You can come back and log in at any time to review individual questions and track your progress against that of other users. The more you use the system, the better it will get… and the better you will get on the GMAT, too!

The number of questions in the system will vary over time as the system validates questions. Once the system deems a question good enough to be in one of our 15 GMAT practice tests, it may disappear from the Question Bank and only be available to Veritas Prep GMAT students. But, rest assured that you can come back and view your past results at any time, even if some of the questions you previously answered have “graduated” from the system and have been added to our students-only practice tests.

Finally, right now you will see the five question types that are in the computer-adaptive parts of the GMAT: Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction, Reading Comprehension, Data Sufficiency, and Problem Solving. We will also add Integrated Reasoning questions shortly… so stay tuned!

What are you waiting for? Visit the Veritas Prep GMAT Question Bank, register, and get started!

By Brian Galvin