Introducing Application Boot Camp on Demand!

Here at Veritas Prep, we waited years before entering the SAT prep industry. We only wanted to launch our SAT course once we were certain we could give students a far better course than what was already on the market. We’ve felt the same way about college admissions: We had no interest in offering such a service until we knew we could give high school students something far better than what they could find anywhere else.

Last year, we met Dr. Michele Hernández and Mimi Doe, two of the premier college admissions counselors in the country. For years they have been running Boston-based Application Boot Camp®, a four-day workshop known for its effectiveness in helping students get into the country’s most competitive universities. For the decade, the $14,000 program has had a waiting list as only a few dozen students each year have been able to get step-by-step college application advice. Yes, it’s that popular, and it’s that exclusive. Why? Because they get results.

We started talking to Michele and Mimi, and everyone realized that there was a huge opportunity to bring their exclusive insider advice to everyone else who can’t get can’t get into their small events each year. So we’ve spent the last few months building Application Boot Camp® on Demand, which brings you the same step-by-step Common Application instructions and insider information from Mimi and Michele, but in an online, on-demand format that you can do at home, at your own pace. By the end of the program, you will have a completed Common Application and supplemental essays. In other words, you will be done and ready to apply to college.

As you move through the program, the system will actually stop and prompt you to enter information about yourself, bit by bit. As you move along, our exclusive ABCAssist system will store everything you enter, and by the end of the program you will find that you will have painlessly already done much of the hard work that goes into creating a competitive college application. Michele and Mimi will guide you the entire way through the process.

Here are some of the things that you will cover in Application Boot Camp® on Demand includes in its twelve interactive modules:

  • Standardized Testing Plan
  • The 80/20 Rule (Academics vs. Extra-Curriculars)
  • Admissions Hooks
  • Application Timing Strategy
  • The Common Application
  • The Activity Sheet
  • The Essays in Depth
  • The Interview
  • Recommendations
  • Application Supplements
  • Parent Guide
  • International Student Guide

Check out our Application Boot Camp® on Demand page to learn more and to get started. And to get some free college admissions insights from Mimi and Michele, check out their video on the Top 10 College Admissions Myths!