Tuck Launches New Center for Business & Society

Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business recently announced that its Allwin Initiative for Corporate Citizenship has a new name and a new mission. Now known as the Center for Business & Society, the new center “aims to prepare Tuck students for leadership in this increasingly complex, interconnected world,” according to the center’s website.

The original Allwin Initiative dates back to 2002, when it was created by a gift from the Tuck alumnus James Allwin, and was given the mission of training students in how to navigate the intersection between business and society. Such language is commonplace among top business schools now, but Tuck was on the vanguard of putting significant resources toward such training for its MBA students.

“The goal of this center is to ensure that every Tuck student will graduate with a deep, intellectual understanding of the role of business in society, a strong appreciation for principled, ethical behavior, and a keen desire to work for a better world,” said Tuck Dean Paul Danos in a statement. “We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Allwin Family who has enabled this transition.”

The Allwin Initiative became well known in the Tuck community for bringing an impressive series of guest speakers to the school, some of whom you can view on Tuck’s YouTube channel. With this renewed push, the school seems even more committed to extending the influence of the Center for Business & Society.

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