WANTED: Tech Ninja!

Do you love technology — particularly web technology? Are you a strong student with an analytical mind? Are you looking to supplement your education with real-world experience? Veritas Prep is looking for a smart and motivated student to work in our IT department as a summer intern — with the potential to extend to part-time work when school resumes.

What do we do at Veritas Prep?
We provide elite GMAT preparation and graduate school admissions consulting to students around the world. We train the brightest minds to get into the best schools in order to create and manage the world’s most successful businesses. We believe that technology should be leveraged to improve access to educational content, and we strive to provide students with the best educational experience.

What will YOU do at Veritas Prep?
This isn’t your typical internship position; the only coffee you’ll be fetching is your own. You will work directly with the Director of Technology at our offices in Malibu, California to grow both our business and educational technologies. On a day-to-day level, you will assist with updates to our web systems and provide support with general IT administration tasks. On a broader level, you will also assist in the ideation and implementation of large-scale technical projects.

This is a highly collegial office, so you will participate in team-oriented projects with your energetic, enthusiastic, smart, young colleagues in an entrepreneurial environment. This is an excellent opportunity to grow both your general knowledge and specific skillsets, while adding meaningful work to your resume.

Think you have what it takes to work at Veritas Prep?
We are in the education industry, so a solid academic standing (cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher preferred) at a top school is a must. You must also possess a sharp analytical mind, and be comfortable working in a fast-paced office environment. You will be working on web-based projects, so a working knowledge of both HTML and CSS is essential (and experience with other web technologies is a welcome bonus). You don’t need a robust portfolio of projects for this position — the capability and willingness to grow your knowledge in these areas is just as valuable.

How to Apply:
Email your resume and a cover letter to internship2012@veritasprep.com. With your application, please include your answers to the following questions (no more than ~100 words per answer):

  1. At Veritas Prep, we lead busy lives outside of the office too. What are your hobbies?
  2. What recent piece of technology (hardware and/or software) are you most interested in, and why?
  3. Give an example of a website with a good user experience. If you were in charge of this site, what is one thing you would do to improve it further?

$15/hour + school credit (if applicable)

Who works at Veritas Prep?

Veritas Prep is home to film producers, screenwriters, surfers, snowboarders, kayakers, Ironman triathletes, swing dance champions, world travelers, improv comics and nonprofit founders, to name just a few of our favorite pastimes. They have degrees from Yale, MIT, Northwestern, Michigan, Cornell, UCLA, UCSD, Texas, USC and other prestigious schools. They play beer pong and ping pong at similarly elite levels, and run, bike, kayak, surf and swim the Pacific coastline that lines the front of our office. They work hard, play hard, and admittedly like to solve math problems that are hard. Care to join us?

Veritas Prep Team

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