Announcing the Veritas Prep 2011 Worldwide GMAT Instructor of the Year Winners

As if there weren’t enough good reasons to live in Southern California this time of year, we can officially add “the world’s best GMAT instructors” (at least for 2011) to that list. The 2011 Veritas Prep Worldwide Instructor of the Year winners both teach and reside in the greater Los Angeles area, a treat for those of us at Veritas Prep headquarters but certainly not a reason to infer regional bias in the selection process!

Both Mia Groves and Travis Morgan stand a cut above on their own merits, having posted outlandishly-high student evaluation scores and, more importantly, having delighted dozens of students who have raved about both their experiences and their scores. Without further ado, we present the 2011 Veritas Prep Worldwide Instructors of the Year, Mia and Travis!

Mia Groves
A Veritas Prep instructor since 2009, Mia has taught hundreds of students up and down the Southern California coast, from Los Angeles to Orange County to San Diego — as not only a GMAT instructor but as a university professor. Perhaps even more proudly, she has had opportunities to teach students around the world as a Live Online instructor and through trips abroad to teach (and travel) through Europe.

For the calendar year 2011, Mia struck a seldom-seen level of teaching excellence, averaging an astounding 4.72 out of 5.00 on the student evaluation “I would recommend my instructor to others” (5 = “strongly agree” and 4 = “agree”) — an average difficult to maintain over a high volume of students and for that duration of time (if just one student casually clicks a neutral 3, an instructor needs eight perfect 5s to climb back to that level). Perhaps more impressive was the enthusiasm in the student comments that she elicited:

Mia was an outstanding teacher that really went the extra mile to help students learn the material…I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her!!

I have been fortunate to have many great teachers and coaches in my life but Mia was definitely among the best, which I did not expect from a GMAT prep instructor

Mia knew everything there was to know about the GMAT but was even more helpful in making sure that we laymen could come to know (almost) that much, too. And I never thought that going to GMAT class would be FUN!

In most years or companies, you could say that Mia’s 2011 year was unprecedented… But, in fact, it was just about perfectly matched by an instructor from just down the street, Travis:

Travis Morgan
Doubling as a Veritas Prep GMAT Instructor and Admissions Consultant, Travis earned his MBA from Kellogg while volunteering in the admissions office, and brings to his classes (and to his students’ delight) that scope of expertise on the entire business school arena. But even with impeccable credentials, Travis brings an everyman’s modesty to the classroom, impressing students with his ability to relate to students of all ability levels.

While Travis may be humble, his students tend to describe him with a bit of hyperbole; some comments from his evaluations include:

I was a lost soul on a meandering GMAT journey until I met Travis, and he made all the difference. His enthusiasm, his compassion, his inspiration, and most of all his explanation — I can honestly say that I was scared of the GMAT and within a few lessons with Travis I started to realize that I — gasp — liked it. The man is a miracle worker.

When looking for a GMAT teacher I was hoping for someone smart but patient, and entertaining but organized. Travis made me realize that I set a low bar — he’s all of the above and more. I wish I had had him as a middle school teacher and then I would have known this stuff and not needed a class, but then again I never would have gotten to meet him as an adult when I could appreciate it. Travis is an amazing teacher — take his class but let me apply first with my score since you’ll probably score even higher!

Travis averaged a 4.70 out of 5 on the “I would recommend my instructor” metric, also teaching both in-person and online, and from exotic locales like Honolulu and Dubai.

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