Don't Walk Into an MBA Admissions Event Unprepared

Are you planning to attend an MBA Admissions event? If you are planning to attend one of The MBA Tour’s upcoming conferences in Washington DC (Feb 2), New York City (Feb 4), San Francisco (Feb 6) or another admissions event in the near future, here’s some advice from The MBA Tour’s CEO, Peter von Loesecke on how to prepare for meeting with Admissions Directors in person:

“The best thing applicants can do is research the schools that are participating in the event and their admissions statistics. I would also recommend coming with a resume to share with admissions representative during the event. Ask pertinent information about the school as it relates to your post MBA goals, be sure to articulate your goals clearly and, finally, I suggest attending in business attire to help make a great first impression.”

The upcoming MBA Tour Conferences involve a variety of formats to help you gain a competitive edge in the admissions process. If you’re researching business schools, events like this one are an excellent way to get to know schools better as you narrow down your list of target programs.

This year MBA Tour features a variety of ways to get to know top business schools:

Panel Presentations:

  • “Earning and Financing your MBA”
  • “Choosing the Best MBA Program for You”
  • “How Admissions Decisions are Made”
  • “Studying in Europe”

Additionally, individual school presentations will allow you to easily compare programs and get your questions answered in a comfortable setting. The larger MBA Fair will give you a chance to meet one-on-one with admission directors and alumni representatives.

Attend one of The MBA Tour’s upcoming conferences in:

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