UCLA Anderson Is a Good Fit for You If…

UCLA Anderson We work with dozens of UCLA Anderson applicants every year. Given the school’s strong community and its strength in a number of academy departments, it’s no wonder that so many applicants aim for Anderson every year. What does surprise us, though, is how many UCLA applicants don’t really know whether the school is good fit for them. We always urge these applicants to go back and do their homework a bit more before they start crafting their Anderson applications.

Are you thinking about applying to UCLA Anderson? If so, why? How do you know if it’s really is a good fit for you? More importantly, how do you know the Anderson admissions team will think you’re a good fit for the school? Today we present a few reasons why Anderson might be a good fit for you:

You’re interested in media and entertainment
Few schools have the strength, resources, or connections that UCLA has in the entertainment industry. It’s not just the obvious advantage of the location in the entertainment capital of the world, but Anderson also has ties to industry that make it a natural choice for anyone seeking to enter this high-powered career.

You’re an entrepreneur, or want to become one
The strength of UCLA’s entrepreneurship resources rivals that of the best business programs around. From the variety of business plan competitions to the innovative classes on venture formation and growth, Anderson is a place where startups are formed.

You’re interested in a technology career
If you don’t want to start your own company but you do want to build technology products or work in an Internet company, Anderson can facilitate a new career path. About 15% of graduates move into technology fields, whether up north in California’s Silicon Valley or locally in L.A.

You want a part-time option
Many candidates find value in the UCLA FEMBA program that allows them to keep their job while earning their MBA. While pursuing a degree at the same time as managing the demands of a career (and often a family) can be very challenging, it is worthwhile for those who feel that they cannot afford to take time out of their career to pursue a full-time program.

You are a good student with maybe just an average GMAT score
Anderson is quite similar to NYU in terms of class size and student age, and even some of their programs are similarly focused (media and entertainment being the most notable). However, whereas Anderson has a slightly lower average GMAT (712 compared to NYU’s 715), the average GPA of Anderson students is notched higher, at 3.54, compared to 3.42 at Stern. While candidates often drive themselves crazy slicing and dicing and overanalyzing these school statistics against their own profiles, the bottom line is that UCLA tends to accept those with stronger academic records and is a little more willing to overlook a lower GMAT score (and Stern is the opposite). This is by no means a rule of how every candidate is evaluated, and so if your numbers have a different pattern, you could still find a spot there.

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