GMAT Tip of the Week: Start Practicing Integrated Reasoning Now

The GMAT’s new Integrated Reasoning section won’t become an official part of the test until next June, so anyone who plans on being done with the GMAT before then doesn’t need to prepare for it. However, even if you don’t expect that you’ll need to get good at answering Integrated Reasoning questions, this new question type embodies all of the skills that the GMAT tries to test — your ability to understand relationships between ideas, recognize what information you need to answer a question, and evaluate information that comes in a variety of forms.

While these might seem like esoteric skills at first glance, if you spend enough time with the GMAT (like we do!), you will eventually realize that these are the skills that matter most, not the ability to memorize content. That’s why we have already spent months learning more about the new Integrated Reasoning section of the test, and it’s why — no matter when you plan on taking the test — you should start to familiarize with these skills now.

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our first free Integrated Reasoning practice problems. We’ve covered all four of the question types you will see on the exam: Table Analysis, Graphics Interpretation, Multi-Source Reasoning, and Two-Part Analysis. Use these questions to get a feel for the new section of the test and to get a sense of how comfortable you are with the core skills that the new section will test. When you sit down to take the GMAT, you will find that these Integrated Reasoning skills will also help you with Data Sufficiency, Critical Reasoning, and every other part of the “old” GMAT. These skills will also help you in the business school classroom, in your MBA job interviews, and beyond!

Our question bank starts modestly today — with eight problems to start — but will grow over the coming weeks. Try them out and tell us what you think. In a few months we will introduce an entirely new module to the Veritas Prep Full Course (our flagship 42-hour GMAT class), devoted to the new Integrate Reasoning section.

Also, if you want to learn more about the Next Generation GMAT, check out our Integrated Reasoning FAQ and see all of the latest news about Integrated Reasoning. Buzz will keep building as June, 2012, approaches!

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