GMAT Video of the Week: Critical Reasoning and Statistics

Continuing our new GMAT prep video series, today we look at how statistics can easily mislead you in Critical Reasoning problems. As Brian says, people tend to make bad decisions when dealing with statistics. It is far too easy — either deliberately or not — to mislead others (or yourself) with statistics-based arguments. Any time statistics enter the picture, you want to be especially critical when evaluating an argument.

Today’s video analyzes a debate between two people, and tests whether or not you can find the identify the link in logic that would most weaken the argument presented. Pay attention to the arguments and any gaps that might be hiding in the logic!

Watch the video to learn more:

As you’re reading Critical Reasoning questions that deal with statistics, be critical. Know that a lot of time that statistic is very narrow, the conclusion it’s trying to support is very broad, and if one doesn’t directly lead to the other, you should start looking for answer choices that exploit that gap.

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