MLT Fellow Profile: Meet Tabitha Salomon

We recently introduced a new series in which we profile some of the Management Leadership for Tomorrow Fellows who have recently taken a Veritas Prep GMAT course. Last month Veritas Prep donated 200 GMAT prep courses to MLT, allowing every MLT Fellow to enroll in a GMAT course for free. Dozens of MLT Fellows have completed (or will soon complete the course), and now we want to let some of them share their stories here.

This week we get to know MLT Fellow Tabitha Salomon, from Washington, D.C.!

How did you become involved with MLT?
A friend suggested that I participate to better navigate the MBA application process and grow my network.

Why do you want an MBA?
I would like to enhance my financial literacy skills and hone in on marketing skills, as I aspire to become a marketing executive.

What do you do for a living now?
I do medical device sales (similar to pharmaceutical sales).

What has your GMAT preparation experience with Veritas Prep been like?
I have taken 3 courses (no names mentioned! :)), and this class is the most beneficial hands down! During the last Veritas class, I answered 100% of the verbal sample problems correctly, which is an achievement for a student who did not break 50% of the verbal on my first GMAT. I have gained a lot of confidence because I feel prepared. The tools and techniques really work!

What are you most looking forward to in business school?
Learning from my peers. I could choose to learn the technical aspects from a book, but learning from other’s experiences is priceless.

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