Now You Can Connect with Veritas Prep GMAT & Admissions Experts on Evisors!

At Veritas Prep, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to connect with applicants and help them succeed. Evisors can connect you with savvy former employees and interviewers at top firms who will help you land your dream job. If you are still planning on applying to graduate school, you can also find Veritas Prep admissions consultants on Evisors who will help you gain acceptance to the world’s top graduate programs.

Evisors was created to provide a menu of the best career and admissions consultants out there (they’re called “evisors”) and let the customer pick and choose who they want to talk to. Veritas Prep and Evisors have teamed up to make some of our best GMAT and MBA admissions experts available through the Evisors website. These experts can easily be identified by the “Veritas Prep Certified” seal next to their profiles.

Beyond these services, Evisors also lets you connect with industry veterans to get one-on-one career advice. Whether you’re interested in investment banking, management consulting, healthcare, technology, or entrepreneurship, Evisors gives you access to people who are working in those fields today. You can tap into their expertise to help find a job, prepare for interviews, or perform other industry research. Some experts even offer their first session free.

Evisors lets you schedule individual sessions with their evisors over phone or email. You can also purchase career specific packages such as the Investment Banking or Consulting Packages, which are designed to help you master the specifics of applying to jobs in different industries. Packages also offer great value for money. A tip from Christine Apold at Evisors, “To get the most out of your Evisors sessions, consider providing your resume and a note on your career goals evisor can best tailor the session to your needs.”

Browse around Evisors now and find someone who can help you boost your career!