GMAT Prep Classes Start Around the World Next Week!

GMAT PrepLooking to get ahead of the game and pocket a great GMAT score before the summer? Good news… We have GMAT prep classes starting around the world next week!

If you’re applying to business school this coming year, now is the perfect time to start preparing for the GMAT. Doing so puts you on track to take the exam in early summer. You should always plan for success, but you should also be smart and build in enough time just in case you don’ get the GMAT score you want. Missed 700? No problem… You’ll still have a couple of months to take the GMAT again before you start working on your Round 1 business school applications in earnest.

Taking our 42-hour, seven-week Full Course (our most popular option) will leave you with plenty of time to take the GMAT in June. We have classes starting in New York, Dallas, Houston, London, San Francisco, London, Boston and dozens of other cities next week.

Ready to get started? Compare GMAT courses and see why thousands of applicants choose Veritas Prep every year. Then, find a GMAT course near you and get enrolled. If you enroll late, don’t worry… We’ll work with you to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

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