Wharton Hosts Social Impact Visit Day for Prospective Applicants

MBA Admissions GuidesAs top business schools continue to make a concerted effort to attract high-potential applicants who may not be on the traditional MBA path, Wharton has announced its 2010 Social Impact Visit Day will take place on November 11. This event is designed for young professionals who plan on pursuing a career in public service or social entrepreneurship, and are unsure of whether an MBA will help them achieve their goals.

As strong and as well known as Wharton is, it’s not always the first business school that comes to mind when people think of non-profit or public sector careers. Yale SOM and Haas are probably the best known MBA programs in this space. However, Wharton offers an impressive array of courses, clubs, and study programs that make it a very viable option for someone considering such a career path.

Social Impact Visit Day gives prospective applicants a top-down view of what Wharton offers in the areas of Social Finance, Social Entrepreneurship, Education Reform, International Development and Corporate Social Responsibility. The next day Wharton hosts its annual Social Impact Conference (which you can attend for $35), so if you have the time, we recommend sticking around for the extra day to really soak up as much as you can. After two days at the school, you should be well equipped to make your decision . And, if you do decide to apply, you’ll be far ahead of many other applicants who never get a chance to visit the school.

Just one look at Wharton’s admissions essays for this year tells you that the school is very serious about finding and training young professionals who have a bent toward making a positive social impact. Even if you’re not sure that an MBA fits into your plans, Wharton is worth a look as a way to get a head start in a career in social entrepreneurship or the public sector.

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