Business School Bonding: Austin City Limits

“Business School Bonding” is a new series debuting today on the Veritas Prep blog. From time to time we’ll dig deep into an MBA program’s culture, looking at student groups, on-campus activities, and other things around town that students enjoy doing during their two year in business school. We’ll even check in with some past Veritas Prep clients to get the inside scoop on the fun things to do at their schools! Our first installment was penned by our own Mike Miller here at Veritas Prep HQ:

Business school is going to be two of the most influential and important years of your life. It also will probably be two of the most fun. Today, we want to start talking about a very important and often overlooked side of the business school experience –- making friends. Specifically, we want to focus on the opportunities that schools provide to have shared experiences and develop life-long friendships. And we are not talking about networking mixers — we’re talking about real bonding experiences.

We start this week with the University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business. Currently (and consistently) ranked about 16th in US News and World Report, McCombs is a legitimate top 20 business school with a history of developing influential business leaders. They pride themselves in offering a flexible curriculum, renowned faculty, hands-on learning opportunities with industry leaders, and very collaborative MBA culture. However, their strongest selling point may be their location in Austin — a city that is frequently praised as “America’s Most Innovative City” and recently proclaimed as “The Best City of the Next Decade.” Austin is also home to an event loved by McCombs MBAs and the rest of the local community -– Austin City Limits Musical Festival.

Austin City Limits just ran from October 8th to the 10th, attracted more than 70,000 attendees each day, and filled the city of Austin with music from 130 of the world’s most entertaining live acts. This year, I had the pleasure of listening to MUSE, The Black Keys, Miike Snow, LCD Soundsystem, Vampire Weekend, The Strokes, Phish, MIA, Yeasayer, Local Natives, Band of Horses, The XX, The Temper Trap, The Flaming Lips, DeadMau5, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Silversun Pickups, and Eagles… if you have ever heard of them.

And I am just one man, but I can tell you that most of the McCombs community was in attendance and this is an event that they will always remember from their business school experience. Late night project work proves to your classmates that you are committed, loyal, and capable of getting things done as a professional, but events like this build lasting friendships. Who could forget being 10 feet from stage with your friends as MUSE plays Newborn and green lasers swirl around your head? Who would not feel closer to a classmate after belting out Hotel California with The Eagles on a 75 degree night overlooking the Austin skyline?

Not me. And not you, if you decide to attend this great program. So today, as someone who has visited McCombs, met the students, explored the city, and attended one of the world’s great music festivals, I can confidently say that McCombs is a school that can offer what I call, “Some serious b-school bonding.”

In an effort to learn more about the University of Texas, Austin, and this music festival, we open the floor to you.

McCombs MBAs, what were your favorite non-academic experiences at the University of Texas? We want to know about the best restaurants, places to go out, and other events that have brought you closer to your classmates. Maybe someone has been to South by Southwest? It’s time to represent McCombs and let prospective Texas MBAs know what you, your school, and your city have to offer.

Non-MBAs, did you go to the show? Who was your favorite band? What did you love about the festival? What do you love about Austin? Why are you considering going to McCombs?

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