Veritas Prep GMAT Books Now on the iPad!

Veritas Prep GMAT Prep Books on iPadLike your iPad? Love doing well on the GMAT? You’re in luck… Veritas Prep’s industry-leading GMAT prep books are now available for download on the iPad! Now, test-takers can develop customized study programs using individual downloadable books from the most comprehensive GMAT prep course ever created.

Each book is rooted in our proven approach to GMAT prep, which focuses exclusively on higher order thinking — one’s cognitive ability to analyze, synthesize, and critically evaluate. To achieve optimal results, these books train you to solve problems like a talented manager, rather than memorize content.

Remember, the GMAT is not a test of how well you can memorize lists or regurgitate rules. As we wrote when GMAC announced the new Integrated Reasoning section for 2012, the skills that really matter in business school (and in the business world) are the ability to recognize relationships and draw inferences from limited data. Since 2002, we have trained tens of thousands of students how to do exactly these things.

First it was in our in-person courses in 2002, then in online classes a few years later. Earlier this year we announced the availability of our individual GMAT books (which previously were only available as a complete kit on our site, or on eBay or Craigslist) on Amazon and on our site. Now, we’ve taken it a step further, making them available electronically to anyone with an iPad. The next step: 3D GMAT prep, perhaps?

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