INSEAD Admissions Deadlines for 2010-2011

While we most often write about U.S.-based business schools in this space, INSEAD is one of the more popular programs among our clients. That’s why it’s one of the MBA programs we cover in our Annual Reports, our free guides to 15 of the world’s top MBA programs.

Today we take a look at INSEAD’s admissions deadlines for the coming year. You’ll note that INSEAD is one of the few major program that has two distinct start dates (or “intakes”) for its incoming students: one in January and one in September. Here are the deadlines for both intakes, followed by our comments in italics:

INSEAD Application Deadlines
September 2011 Intake
Round 1: September 29, 2010
Round 2: December 1, 2010
Round 3: March 9, 2011

January 2012 Intake
Round 1: March 30, 2011
Round 2: June 15, 2011
Round 3: August 3, 2011

For the September intake, the big change is in Round 3, where INSEAD pushed back its deadline by a month. Like other top MBA programs, INSEAD seems to want to keep the window open a bit longer to attract a few more great applicants, suggesting that Round 3 is not the dead zone that some applicants think it is. For the January intake, INSEAD’s Round 1 deadline is about three weeks earlier than it was last year, although its Round 2 and Round 3 deadlines have barely changed.

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