GMAT Tip of the Week: Get Flexible

At Veritas Prep we’re big believers in the idea of flexibility. As we discussed in our take on the new version of the GMAT that’s coming in 2012, business schools want to see how well you can think, not how well you can memorize idioms. That’s why our 42-hour GMAT course trains you in the higher-order thinking skills and “mental agility” you need to do well no matter what type of question you face on the real exam.

Flexibility also matters in how you prepare for the exam. Deciding on Day One that you’re just going to keep taking practice tests until you “get it,” or that you’re going to mow down practice GMAT problems until your eyes hurt, will only set you up for failure. That’s why Veritas Prep gives you the most flexible options for GMAT prep in the industry.

What do we mean? Let us count the ways!

One year of membership for all GMAT students.
When you enroll for a Veritas Prep class (in-person or online), you’re a member for 12 months from the start of your course. Did you sign up in July for a class starting on September 7? Then you have access to EVERYTHING for 12 months from September 8, so you in fact have more than one full year of membership!

You can attend two full-length, live courses during your membership period.
When you enroll in an in-person GMAT course, included in your membership is the ability to take two in-person courses in a 12-month period. Did you take the course but don’t still don’t feel ready to take the GMAT? Did your job get in the way, and you weren’t able to complete the course? No problem… Just call us and we’ll gladly put you in another course of that same type, no questions asked.

Unlimited access to our GMAT preparation resources for one year.
No one offers a longer membership, no one else offers all of the following resources: 15 practice tests, seven diagnostic midterms, Veritas Prep On Demandâ„¢ pre-recorded lessons, instructor-manned phone support, and MBA admissions workshops, all included in your membership.

Prepare for the GMAT any way you choose.
Not sure whether you want to do an in-person or online course. No problem. Enroll in any in-person Veritas Prep GMAT course, and you already have access to our online Veritas Prep on Demandâ„¢ course. Decide that you’d rather do Live Online? Great… Just call us and we’ll put you in any upcoming Live Online GMAT course! Or, start with an online course, and if you decide you really need in-person prep, let us know and you can upgrade to any in-person class!

Flexibility matters. That’s why we give you the most flexible GMAT preparation in the industry, period.

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