Go Around the World with Veritas Prep and Win $5,000 in Prizes + 40% Off a GMAT Course!

To celebrate the worldwide reach of our GMAT courses (we have 87 locations in 16 countries and offer live online courses) we are hosting an Around the World Facebook photo contest! Everyone is invited to submit a picture of themselves wearing a Veritas Prep t-shirt or holding Veritas Prep books and the person with the picture that receives the most votes will get his or her choice of the following prizes:

Don’t worry, even if you don’t win, EVERYONE who enters the contest will receive 40% off any Veritas Prep GMAT course as well as 20% off our admissions consulting and private tutoring services. If you don’t have a Veritas Prep t-shirt, all you need to do is send an email to aroundtheworld@veritasprep.com with your shirt size and shipping address and we will ship you a t-shirt free of charge.

To Enter:
On the Veritas Prep Facebook page, click on the Around the World tab and enter the contest. Once you are on the contest page, you can submit a picture for a chance to win and/or invite friends to participate in the contest or vote for your entry.

After entering, please email aroundtheworld@veritasprep.com to let us know the services that interest you, and we will get you all set at the discounted rates. The Around the World contest provides a great opportunity to save money on our services while helping to bring the Veritas Prep community closer together. The deadline for submitting a photo is July 23rd so please act soon if you are interested!