MIT Sloan Application Deadlines for 2010-2011

The MIT Sloan admissions office has just posted its application deadlines for the 2010-2011 season. Here they are, followed by our comments in italics:

MIT Sloan Admissions Deadlines
Round 1: October 26, 2010
Round 2: January 4, 2011

MIT Sloan’s Round 1 deadline is virtually unchanged from last year, but its Round 2 deadline moves up by almost two weeks. This continues a trend that we have seen at other top business schools, which seem eager to push the Round 2 deadline to as close to the holiday season as possible.

Note that Sloan only has two main admissions rounds, so there’s no “Round 3 or not Round 3” dilemma with Sloan. Although Round 2 is Sloan’s final round, don’t assume that applying in Round 2 is as bad as applying in Round 3 anywhere else. If you need the extra two months to get your application in order, then take that time to improve your chances.

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