Happening Today: What the GMAT Can (and Cannot) Do For Your MBA Candidacy

At 12:00 PM U.S. Pacific time today, Veritas Prep co-founder and CEO Chad Troutwine will conduct a live online seminar titled “What the GMAT Can (and Cannot) Do For Your MBA Candidacy.” Chad’s presentation is part if the Association of the first annual Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants (AIGAC) Graduate Admissions Virtual Summit. There’s still time to register here!

The GMAT is a fundamental component in the candidacy of every top MBA applicant, but how important it is in the admissions process is debatable and often shrouded in mystery. This webinar will explore available data and present illuminating anecdotal evidence on the subject. In addition, it will introduce and scrutinize common myths surrounding the test and endeavor to separate fact from fiction, sometimes leading to hysteria among anxious business school applicants.

It will devote particular attention to the relative importance of the quantitative section of the GMAT and consider whether a poor effort on the AWA could undo an otherwise competitive application. This webinar includes a tutorial that will introduce valuable lessons for applicants seeking to maximize their GMAT score. It presents advice for the candidate who needs to mitigate a low score.

Prospective MBA applicants will leave the presentation with a clear understanding of how much value to assign to the GMAT in the admissions process. This webinar also offers proven GMAT preparation techniques and actionable advice for applicants with low GMAT scores.

There are still some spots left in today’s event. To register, click here!

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