Introducing the MBA Admissions Predictor iPhone App!

MBA Admissions iPhone AppBuilding on the success of our GMAT Practice Quiz iPhone App, which has been downloaded more than 50,000 times, today we announce the release of the MBA Admissions Predictor, a 100% free, fun tool that will help you answer that time-honored question among business school applicants: “What are my chances of getting in?”

Adapted from the Veritas Prep Business School Selector, the MBA Admissions Predictor incorporates Veritas Prep’s proprietary research on the MBA admissions process to help applicants know where they stand given their background and credentials.

How does it work? Just input some of your basic “stats,” and the The MBA Admissions Predictor gives you a range of top MBA programs where the model predicts you have a decent chance of being admitted. Those stats include, but aren’t limited to, your GMAT score, undergraduate GPA, amount of work experience and level of extracurricular involvement. The statistical data used is, in part, gleaned from nationally recognized publications such as U.S. News & World Report and BusinessWeek, while the school ranking order is based on our own proprietary criteria and weighting system, with special emphasis on variables deemed most critical in determining your chances of admissions success.

While there are no hard-and-fast rules for determining your chances in the somewhat subjective MBA admissions process, certain traits strongly correlate with your chances of admissions success at the top business schools. The MBA Admissions Predictor app can help you identify the highest-ranked schools to which you have a good chance of being admitted today.

Where the app is even more useful, however, is in helping you understand what improvements you can make to your candidacy to improve their chances of admission — for example, the implications of a 50-point score improvement on the GMAT or an extra year of professional experience.

So go ahead! Download the FREE MBA Admissions Predictor at iTunes, play around with it, and see where you stand. Don’t have an iPhone? No problem. Our Business School Selector will give you the same results via our web site!

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