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New Year’s Resolution

Admit it… As usual, you’re beginning the New Year this morning (or potentially afternoon) a little groggier than you would have liked, having enjoyed one more celebratory toast than may have been advised, and having stayed up slightly later than “I should watch Dick Clark sign off from Times Square just in case this is the last time” really warranted. Don’t most of us take January 1 as a day to ease in to our New Year’s Resolutions? Or, maybe more accurately, don’t most of us take a look in the mirror on January 1 (after all, the aspirin is in the mirrored medicine cabinet) and determine that “I need to do something about my life,” and use that as the initiative for our New Year’s Resolutions?

However you arrive at them, if you’re serious about applying to business school this year, your resolutions should include an initiative to start your GMAT preparation this month. Over the past seven years of teaching the GMAT, your author has found that his January students:

  • Are more enthusiastic and eager to learn than their summer/fall counterparts
  • Benefit from a more enthusiastic, eager-to-learn classroom environment
  • Can afford to give themselves more lead time toward the end of their courses to take practice tests and shore up areas of need
  • Find it easier to commit to a study schedule given the limited daylight and poorer weather (libraries are heated and sheltered!)
  • Form study groups with their classmates more often than do classes during the other times of year
  • Take the GMAT more confidently on test day knowing that they have plenty of time to schedule a retake if they (Heaven forbid) need to do so
  • Have plenty of time once their tests are completed to research schools, attend school presentations, visit campuses, and determine exactly where they’d like to apply
  • Have plenty of time to devote to their applications to confidently apply for the first round to their target schools

For all of these reasons, those who have multiple years of GMAT instructional experience tend to gravitate to the January classes (maybe add “work with the most experienced instructors” to that list as a result). If you’re certain that your 2010 plans include making some serious progress in pursuit of an MBA, you might want to consider beginning your GMAT preparation this month, as history dictates that it’s a wise move.

Happy New Year from the staff and faculty at Veritas Prep!

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