What We’re Thankful For

gmat prep
For whatever reason, there seems to be a little more emphasis on people pausing at Thanksgiving to truly consider what we’re thankful for this season. This is great news. While we all can get caught up in the stress of trying to get ahead at work or (if you’re reading this blog) trying to get into a world-class graduate school, it’s healthy to stop now and then and realize just how good most of us have it.

Whether you’re young or old, big or small, you probably have something in your life that makes you want to give thanks. Do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes to think about it before you enter a tryptophan-induced coma today.

Earlier this week my two-year-old daughter’s daycare lady asked her what she’s thankful for, and she answered, in the following order:
  1. Toys
  2. School
  3. Daddy
  4. Mommy

In my case, I’m just thankful that I made the list, although my wife was less thankful for coming in fourth. “Hey, you made the list!” I told her. She didn’t answer. I guess I’m thankful I didn’t end up sleeping on the couch.

Anyway, as a father I’m thankful for my healthy young family. And as a member of the Veritas Prep team, I’m thankful for the hundreds of amazing GMAT instructors and admissions consultants that we have all over the world. While I don’t get to see most of them very often, I know that they care about helping our GMAT students and admissions consulting clients as much as I do, and I’m thankful that they’re there to get the job done.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!