How to Write Great Admissions Essays: Step 2

(This is part of a new series that we will roll out over the next several weeks, introducing our readers to our proven 10-step process for writing great admissions essays. Check back often for more MBA admissions essay tips!)

Step 2: Practice
It may sound strange to practice essay writing in the midst of an application process, but practice is the single most effective strategy to master this art form. While the old adage “practice makes perfect” may not be entirely true, there is no doubt that practice does breed comfort in word counts, themes, and structure, which is paramount to position yourself to get the most out of the process.

Consider that you will be working with your consultant on multiple versions of each essay and will be addressing critical components such as themes, content, structure, and style, as well as focusing on expressing fit with each program in question. This extensive model of evaluation is perfect for improving your writing, crystallizing your story, and polishing up your presentation. That said, your finished product will always be relative to your starting point. The Veritas Prep model of essay composition is designed to ensure that the essay remains “yours” throughout and does not become the work of the consultant. To that end, we specify the number of drafts and outline an exact process, providing guidance to maximize your candidacy without undermining the admissions process as a whole.

Think of the improvement you will make in this process as a guaranteed amount, limited only by your starting point. Put into simple terms, our experts and our methods will improve your essays by two letter grades. If you are starting with “C,” we can take you to an “A” quality essay. However, if your essays are “D” quality to begin with, your likely finish line will be a “B” essay.

What does the above analysis mean for you? Try your very best to start with at least a “C,” of course! The goal of creating an adequate and satisfactory starting point is the reason for this entire guide, but it is also the most compelling reason to practice writing. Before you ever send your first draft of an essay to a consultant, you should spend time examining great sample essays and practice, practice, practice.

After your initial call with your consultant, you will have ample time to develop your skills. Your consultant will be engaging in the most thorough analysis of your candidacy possible and crafting your Personalized MBA Game Plan